The best article on the law of attraction

The best article on the law of attraction


Many have heard about the famous law of attraction – which postulates that our thoughts and emotions define our reality – but they are not convinced.

They do not have enough evidence or a clear way to prove their existence.

However, just as there are non-believers, there are many people convinced of this law, who claim that regardless of whether you believe in it or not, this law is ALWAYS in operation. For better or worse.


Will this be true?

If you want to find out but for the moment you distrust this law or if you would like to have more concrete arguments, then this article is for you.

In addition, I recommend that you read until the end so that you take advantage of all the concepts that we will see.

What the “experts” teach

If you’ve seen the movie The Secret (or read the book), you may already be familiar with this topic. However, to get rid of doubts, we are going to clarify what we understand by the law of attraction.

This law states that your thoughts and emotions vibrate at a certain frequency that causes you to become in sync with all events, things, and people that coincide with this frequency.

It affirms that we are a magnet with feet and heads and that we attract into our lives everything that we think and feel repeatedly. Like attracts like.

However, the documentary film that talks about this law, can give the impression that it is only about obtaining material things or waiting for everything to happen without doing practically anything, and this (1) is not the main message that the law itself in the original book exposes and (2) is not as simple as it seems.

And this is where the biggest confusion occurs. It’s not just about thinking something and expecting it to magically happen. Our desires and energy must be aligned with our actions.

We are going to talk about the relationship of this law with our ACTIONS, but so that you have more structured ideas, now let’s see the 7 steps necessary to put the law of attraction into practice.


the 7 steps

There are different versions of the steps that we must take to successfully comply with this law, however, below I will present what I consider to be the most effective and realistic version (based on my own experience and everything I have read ):

  • 1) Clearly define what you want:

The first step is to be specific about what you want. Many people want to improve their current situation but have not worked to clarify what they want.

The problem is that if you are not SPECIFIC in your desires and in what you would like to achieve in any area of ​​your life, it will be difficult for you to make things happen.


Without clarity, we cannot make coherent decisions. Without coherent decisions, we take the wrong course. And if we take the wrong course, no matter how much effort we put into it, every day we will move further away from the life that we would like to experience in the same way that a fly hits the window glass again and again without realizing that there is an open door leading to a direct exit.

That is why this step is crucial. And not only must you define in your mind what you want, but you must write it down on paper and write specifically what you want.

Even better, you can paste a large piece of cardboard with all your wishes in a place where you can see them frequently.

*If you want to have absolute clarity NOT only regarding your desires but also regarding the path you should take in your personal and professional life, regarding yourself as a person, your talents, passion, purpose, and much more.

  • 2) Ask for it by focusing on what you DO want :

The next thing you should do is ask for everything you want to happen. It is key that you focus on what you DO want.

Instead of focusing on negative action, you should think positive:

For example:

I don’t want to get hurt. → Wrong

I WANT to stay healthy → Correct.

Staying healthy is what you do want. Thinking that you do NOT want to injure yourself only keeps the focus on the possibility of INJURY, and that is precisely what we want to avoid.

Therefore, keep this clarification very much in mind when you are concentrating on your desires.


  • 3) Eliminate all objections in your mind

It is very likely that immediately after thinking about what you do want, thoughts such as “that is not going to happen”, “I cannot achieve it”, “I am incapable”, “I do not deserve it”, etc. come to mind.

Many people want to put this law into practice with mere willpower and superficially, ignoring that deep down they have all these kinds of insecurities.

At this point, you may find yourself with certain beliefs about yourself, about money, about work, love, people, and life itself, that limit you a lot and that prevent you from achieving what you want so much.


So, as soon as they start to appear, write down all the negative things you say to yourself about why you feel like you could NOT get what you want. Identifying these beliefs is key.

Then, analyze each of these objections and question their validity (this is known as logical reasoning).

Then write counter-arguments for why that is not true, or might not be true in the future. As you question the validity of these beliefs, little by little you will see them lose power and be replaced by better beliefs.

This process may require a lot of introspection, help from a third party, time, and dedication.

For more information about it, this will be of great help to you.


  • 4-Focus and take action:

It is time to take action. Next, you must focus on the wishes specified in steps #1 and #2 and start taking action to get closer to achieving them.

Many people skip this step and believe that they will magically achieve all their wishes without lifting a finger.

As much as the Universe is in your favor, you must act.

If you are lucky enough to be presented with a great opportunity that is aligned with your desires and goals, but requires work and discipline, you must act!

Did you know that the book and documentary “The Secret” was inspired by the book “The Science of Getting Rich”

And, although The Science of Getting Rich also mentions that our thoughts influence our reality and what we receive, there is a very important chapter that is not mentioned in The Secret regarding the law of attraction.


Do you know the name of the chapter?

It’s chapter number 12, and it’s called “Efficient Action”.

This is an entire chapter intended to make it clear that EVERY DAY, you must do what you can do from where you are and that you must do EVERYTHING you can. Give your MAX, every day.

Talk about the importance of making sure each day is a small success. To have the discipline and perseverance, so that every day you do everything that is within your reach given your current circumstances.

If you give your best every day and do EVERYTHING you should and could do every day, then you will inevitably get what you want. Also, you will avoid saying the same thing as those about to die.

Quite different from the popular belief about the law of attraction that gives the impression that we should think or feel positively, have faith, and sit and wait, don’t you think?

You can’t find answers if you don’t look for them. You will hardly be able to achieve your goals if you do not go for them giving your best every day.


For reasons that we will see later, it is very possible that by applying all this, “coincidences” will begin to occur and opportunities that you previously saw as distant will appear. However, nothing is possible if you do not take advantage of them, if you do not take action and if you do not do your part by making the necessary effort when required.

Therefore, remember that this is one of the MOST IMPORTANT points regarding this famous law. Stay focused, focus on what you want, do everything that brings you closer to your goal and you will see how you advance faster than you thought.



  • 5) Trust the process and have absolute faith

Now that you have (1) gotten clear on what you want, (2) focused on what you do want to achieve, (3) worked on your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, and (4) started taking action, you must trust the process and have faith.

This is the moment when you must step out of your comfort zone, and dare to take DARE actions aligned with your goals even if you have no guarantees of the results.

If the necessary opportunities still do not present themselves to you, stay optimistic and try.

If you have absolute faith, then get ready to start receiving. Every day try to visualize the goal you want once it has already been met.

  • How are you going to feel?
  • Who are you going to tell?
  • How are you going to celebrate?

Take the actions with absolute faith that you will receive what you want.

Eliminate doubts and complaints. In a mind full of faith, there is simply no room for insecurities, doubts, and complaints.

Remain confident that you will get what you want each day and take each situation and event as something that will bring you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Every moment that passes, you will be getting closer to your goal.


  • 6) Acknowledge your progress

Celebrate the small victories. Appreciate all that you may have advanced.

At this stage, you may have already started to see some changes moving you in the direction of your desires. Be aware of them!

This will give you more confidence in your abilities, in the process, and that things will work out.


  • 7) Keep your vibrations high 

To keep your vibrations high you must work on the two main components of your “vibes”: your thoughts and emotions.

Think about those things that make you feel optimistic. That makes you feel happy. That makes you focus on the good things in life. Stay positive and grateful.

Everything you do, do it from abundance, not from scarcity.

Worry about taking care of the information with which you feed your mind.

In the previous steps (especially in step 4) you will already be acting with discipline and a lot of focus on your goals.

However, even those actions that require some effort, you must do it while maintaining optimism and trying to enjoy the process.

Also, make sure that every day you perform at least one action that fills you with joy. Try to generate as many positive feelings as you can, and you’ll be ready to finish the last step and start attracting.


Look for the greatest number of moments in which you feel good and try to squeeze them to the fullest. Be aware of that joy and enthusiasm and thus you will be emitting positive frequencies that the law of attraction will translate into benefits for you.

Surround yourself with happy people and a positive environment. You will have more energy.

From here on, the rest will just be receiving and cultivating the results of all the previous steps.


Sounds nice, but how do I know this is effective?

Next, I am going to share with you the reasons why I believe that all this is not simply something abstract and esoteric as many believe and that YES it can be very effective if you apply the steps mentioned.

To do this, let’s analyze some of the elements that make the previous 7 steps so effective:

  • 1) High vibrations, better results 

You might be wondering, why should I keep my vibes high work?

One possible reason is that by changing your negative thoughts to positive thoughts, you will immediately begin to feel better and experience positive emotions.

In turn, your positive emotions will cause your mood to change and as a consequence, you will begin to take more actions aligned with your desires.


And as you can imagine, the more actions you take consistent with your goals, the better results you will start to get.

Positive Thoughts →

Positive Emotions →

Positive Actions →


=Positive Results


Thoughts → Emotions → Actions = Results


  • 2) Focus on goals

According to various studies, the simple fact of establishing goals and objectives increases your chances of achieving the proposed objectives by around 50%.

This is precisely where the importance of step 1 of the law of attraction lies.

Clearly defining what you want and setting clear goals is ALWAYS the first step to achieving them, because how the hell are you going to achieve something you haven’t defined?

Yes, you may achieve it by chance, but if you leave everything to chance, your odds will be against you.


  • 3) Coincidences welcome

As we mentioned in step #4, it is very possible that when you begin to apply “the secret”, opportunities will mysteriously begin to present themselves as if by magic and that coincidences will happen in your favor.

But there is an explanation for them. It is the famous SAR.

The RAS, whose acronym stands for Reticular Articulation System, is responsible for many of these coincidences and opportunities.

The SAR is the system responsible for our brain filtering and discarding certain information that it does not consider useful to us and that it focuses mainly on what it identifies as something important.

And it is precisely by clearly defining our desires and setting specific objectives that we put the SAR to work in our favor.

This is the reason why when we buy a car or car of a certain brand, we begin to come across the same model everywhere that we did not notice before.


The SAR works as a filter that pays attention only to your goals, to what you have determined is important to you, and to all the events, people, or opportunities that are relevant to your goals.

As you can see, the beginning of achieving what you want is to identify and define it.

When you have done it, you will begin to see more and more opportunities, coincidences, and even “miracles” (identified by the SAR) that may have happened in front of our noses before, but because we were not focused enough on it, probably we haven’t even seen.


  • 4) Successful interactions

As social beings that we are, many of the goals we set for ourselves depend on collaboration and interaction with other people.

But is collaboration and interaction with other people related to the law of attraction?

If we take into account that those people who apply this law are determined, optimistic, happy, and enthusiastic, it is not surprising that they produce good emotions in others.


All this generates much more successful interpersonal relationships, which in many cases cause synergies, the collaboration of others, and many opportunities that before behaving like this, these people did not obtain.

Few people like to share, tell about an interesting project, or create close bonds with negative, unoptimistic, low-energy individuals.

This increase in your degree of influence on others is one more reason that can tip the balance positively towards achieving your goals if you apply “The Secret”.


  • 5) Increase in key skills

As if that weren’t enough, it’s no secret that people who keep their vibrations high and report feeling happier often increase their performance considerably.

This increase in positive emotions is not only accompanied by an increase in people’s creativity but also directs their focus towards solutions instead of problems and increases their productivity and efficiency.

All this translates into even greater results.


  • 6) Favorable interpretations

If you take into account step number 5, which states that you must have absolute faith and take every situation that comes your way as something that will bring you one step closer to your goal, then it is very likely that this mentality will bear fruit.

If you interpret everything that happens to you as something positive, likely, precisely that mentality aimed at making the best of each situation leads you to find opportunities where others only see limitations.

It’s not so much about what cards you get, but how you play them and what you do with them.


  • 7) The more actions you take, the luckier you will be

As we saw in step number 4, constantly taking action and giving your best effort every day will allow you to access a whole new world of possibilities.

The more actions you take, the more skills you are constantly acquiring, and the more knowledge you gather, then the more capable you will be for the moment when a great opportunity presents itself to you by mere coincidence and “luck”:

However, it will not be luck. You will be able to take advantage of that opportunity EXCLUSIVELY because you have worked to be prepared for that moment when it comes your way.

That opportunity becomes such, the moment you live up to it. Otherwise, it would be something you would not be prepared for and you would discard it immediately.

As they say, 2 phrases that I like a lot:

  1. The harder I work, the luckier I get
  2. Luck is a preparation meeting opportunity.

Like time, it takes work and preparation.

Remember that the most important thing about this law is its last letters:

Law of atr- ACTION .


  • 8) Factor “Universe”

If you still have doubts about the effectiveness of this, we can still consider what we will call the “universe” factor.

The law of attraction postulates that the Universe returns to us what we focus on and that if our energy (thoughts, feelings, and beliefs) is in harmony and aligned with our desires, then the Universe will give us what is necessary so that these are met.

“Everything we think and feel for a long time is what we attract.”

That is why we must feel as if what we want to happen has already happened.

If we do, the universe will operate as a mirror that will reflect it and send it back to us in the form of situations, events, people, opportunities, or coincidences.

Some call it synchronicity: every person meets events that are in sync with the same frequency.


What do you think?

Regardless of where we stand on the matter, we must admit that no matter how wise we think we are, we know very little about the Universe.

Although certain laws of physics have allowed great advances and a much greater understanding of everything that surrounds us, the truth is that we know little or nothing about the functioning of the Universe.


At present, it has been proven that 99% of the atoms are composed of VACUUM. We have no idea what everything around us is made of in its smallest degree!

Given the panorama and admitting that we do not know enough, we have 2 options:

1) Believe that the Universe acts in our favor if we follow these steps.

2) Believing that the Universe has no interest in us and does not act for or against us regardless of what we do.


When in doubt, I stick with option number 1.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration” – is what  Nikola Tesla himself said.

To vibrate in the highest frequencies has been said!


Some tools to attract

Wish board:

To internalize all your goals and better visualize the desires you want to attract into your life, you can build a desire board.

This consists of cutting out various images (of the house of your dreams, of yourself with the perfect body, of the city where you want to live, etc.) and pasting them on a board where you can see them.

They can also be motivating phrases or with your goals. This will keep you focused on what you want and give your brain a visual reminder of what you want.


List of happy things :

To keep your vibrations high, you can post a list of those things that fill you with joy and enthusiasm on your wall. The idea is to remind you of the various ways you can feel good and immediately improve your mood. Looking at the list will give you a lot of immediate ideas for you to carry out and feel better.

Some examples are Favorite songs, activities you are passionate about, people you love most, fun memories, favorite places, hobbies, etc.


ideal life

To get in touch with what you want, you can do the exercise of visualizing your ideal life in great detail, and in this way, you will have more clarity regarding the activities that bring you closer to that life, and the activities that take you away. For a detailed explanation and full instructions for this exercise.

Motives as the main engine

Another way to stay focused on what you want and remind yourself to follow each of the steps mentioned in this article is to write down all the reasons behind your goals and carry that list with you everywhere.

It is very different to just write down the goal “I want to earn a million to buy a house” than to write down the reason behind that goal: “I want to buy a house to make my family happy, give my children a place to grow and live in a place that gives us security, privacy, and comfort”. The second option is much more powerful, don’t you think?

This is the difference between acting without clarity and acting with a clear purpose.


So it’s not just thinking and manifesting?

I have had many positive results through this method which, as you can see, is very different from what many people think about the law of attraction, which consists of simply THINKING something and waiting for it to happen. That is not realistic.

Even if this were possible, the reality is that as people we operate from the paradigm that to make things happen, we must take action.

To deny that consciously or subconsciously a part of us inevitably thinks and operates in this way is simply deceiving ourselves and others.


And, while I find the field of quantum physics and certain theories that can be derived from it fascinating (such as that there is no need to “see to believe”, but that we must first “believe in order to see”), until all this is not proven and since childhood we are taught this model of thought, it is very unlikely that we can manifest everything only through our thoughts and emotions because a large part of our mind simply does NOT believe it is possible and operates from the belief that we must Act.

As my preferred option, I am inclined to trust the Universe, focus my thoughts on what I want, flood myself with positive emotions and ALSO align my day-to-day actions with my desires by following the 7 steps mentioned in this article.


And you? What’s your opinion about it?


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