5 Easy Steps For Your Life Project: Your Dream Life

5 Easy Steps For Your Life Project: Your Dream Life

Do you feel that you are on the right path to achieve your dream life project or did you simply settle for what you think “you have had to live”?

Does your life boil down to following the guidelines that society imposes on you, with the sole purpose of obtaining the approval of others?

How To Get Out Of “The Life That Touched You” ?: Your Life Project 2022

At some point in our lives, we have all had dreams. From a very young age, we had aspirations: some wanted to be an astronaut, others dreamed of being a cowboy, a doctor, or a singer, and as they grew up some perhaps realized that the “cowboy” was not exactly theirs.

Another group abandons those dreams midway, simply because they allow other people (or the unfavorable situations that we all go through at some point), to convince them that they will never be able to fulfill their life plans and make them come true.

However, if there is one certain thing, it is that most people give up and get out of the way, it is because they never really tried to reach them, often out of fear of what they will say.


Fear has killed more dreams than failure will ever kill!

Are You Working For Someone Else’S Dream?

Most of us (and I include myself because I also did for several years) think we are smart, creative, ambitious, and courageous, but we do absolutely nothing to our advantage with all that. We spend a lot of time and energy on people who don’t deserve it, or on jobs and activities that don’t interest us.

Very few have set out to create a life project. Yes, you may have planned to become a lawyer and then buy a house, or maybe you thought about going on a euro trip for a few months. But this is only one aspect of your life in general.




What About The More Than 50 Years That Remain?

The problem with living adrift is not only that in this way we will not be able to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves, but that we will always be overwhelmed and stressed. In addition, as time passes, those who live like this always end up sad and disappointed with their reality.

It is not enough to know what your purpose is and create your life project to become happy, but it is also necessary to develop a life project to go after those big dreams. Who doesn’t want to live a full and satisfying life? So if that’s what you want, why not work on it?

The only way to achieve this is to start planning your life project now, no matter what stage of your life plan you think you are in. Working on it will take you away from things and also from people that do not suit you, and it will bring you closer every day to those goals that you need to achieve to achieve your dreams.

What Is A Life Plan And What Is It For ?: The First Step To Define Your Life Project

It could be said that a project or life plan is a document where you summarize what type of person you want to become, what are the things you want to achieve, how you are going to achieve them, and what you need to do it.

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The idea is to create a written guide or manual that helps us to place our thoughts and dreams in a coherent and orderly way, so that we can visualize them more easily and understand that it is possible to achieve them, as long as we focus on following the plan and work on it.

It should be noted that having a life project does not guarantee that everything will go perfectly since times, things and people change. We cannot prevent unexpected events from happening that may affect our plans, or perhaps in 5 or 10 years we will change our minds and want something different.

But that any of these things happen does not mean at all that we will return to life adrift. Simply, the moment something of that happens we will have to review our life project and make the necessary changes to solve the problem, which may include modifying one or more of the previous goals.

What Is The Goal Of A Life Project ?: 5 Benefits Of Having A Life Plan

If with all the above, you have not yet convinced yourself of how profitable it is to have a life project, here is a list of many other benefits that doing one can bring us:

  1. A life project helps us internalize and thus be able to visualize a future in which we are happy and successful.
  2. With a life project, we increase our confidence, self-esteem, and self-knowledge, allowing us to be clear with ourselves and focus on satisfying our needs and achieving goals.
  3. Having a life plan prevents us from making bad decisions and wasting opportunities, immediately recognizing whether or not they fit into our life project.
  4. A life project helps us understand in what things we can apply our talents, making the most of them obtain all their benefits and the best results from them.
  5. Having a clear life project greatly reduces feelings of guilt, anguish, stress, anxiety, and sadness, also avoiding the possible illnesses that derive from them.

How To Build A Life Project ?: 5 Steps To Create Your Life Plan

Building your life project is one of the best investments of time, for anyone who feels that his life does not fill him. If this is your case, I suggest you start designing your life plan today, with the help of the following steps:


1. Evaluate Your Current State

Start by evaluating in what situation or stage of your life project you are at this moment. Make a list of all the areas that are important to you (in order of priority) and rate the percentage of satisfaction you feel with each of them.

To give an example of a life project: if you think you are 100% satisfied with your marriage or with your job, perfect. But if you feel that your health level is at 75%, you could try to improve it.

Here is a list of possible areas that would be good to evaluate:

  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • Family
  • love relationship
  • Friendships
  • Studies
  • Work / Career
  • Finance
  • Culture
  • Travels

2. Establish Your Vision

Ask yourself all the questions you think are necessary and answer them with absolute honesty. For example:

  • to. What are the things you want to achieve?
  • b. At what time do you want to reach those goals?
  • c. What kind of person do you want to become?

If you still don’t have a clear idea of ​​what you want to do with your life, start by asking yourself what are the things that you enjoy and that make you happy. And without putting any kind of limitations on yourself, imagine your life in the future and write everything you see in your life plan.

If what you see are fame and fortune, a big family, traveling the world, having your own tourism business, or a farm with many animals, that’s fine. Anything you imagine is valid and possible to achieve if you want it, design a congruent life plan and commit to action.

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Having a board with images and motivational phrases that represent everything you want to achieve and putting it in a visible place will also help you stay focused on your goals and apply the Law of Attraction.

3. Set Your Goals

Not only is it enough to know what we want to achieve with our life project, but it is necessary to understand how we are going to achieve those goals. If you want to be a singer, you should probably study music or take singing, dancing, and/or stage presence classes.

Setting short-term goals will help you get closer and closer and achieve the goals that you set out in your life project.

You can even set daily challenges, such as getting up early, exercising for 30 minutes before starting work, eating a healthy breakfast, progressing on a specific project at work, having dinner every day as a family, and reading articles on motivation before going to sleep, etc.

Each of our objectives must be written as clearly as possible in our life project. Wanting to be in shape is not the same as saying that starting today, we are going to exercise and eat healthy every day. If we are clear with each of the things that we intend to do, we will be committed to fulfilling them.

Most tend to waste a lot of time on activities that do not provide us any benefit, and that often affects our productivity. Now, that does not mean that we should not set aside time to relax and do something that we like, but rather that, by being clear about our daily objectives, we will not waste time thinking about what we have to do and at the end of the day we will feel satisfied, knowing that we made progress to get where we want to be and complete our ideal life project.


4. Create An Action Plan

The goals that you have established for your life project should be divided into small, medium, and long-term objectives, which can be classified into daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual achievements. This will help us to mentalize ourselves and understand that it is possible to achieve our dreams, but that it will not be immediately and much less effortlessly.

If for your life plan you have determined that, for example, you want to become a Professional Blogger, work from home and earn money online, your first objective should be to create a professional blog and then look for the mechanisms to monetize it.

You also have to set a deadline to meet those goals, because dreams are useless if we do not take the necessary actions to meet them. Unfortunately, many people spend their lives planning things and never executing, so commit to your goals and go after each one of them.

5. Stay Focused

Surely you already know how difficult it is to focus on our life project when routine catches us, and for this reason, we must always keep aiming toward the things we want to obtain. Do (at least) a monthly review of your action plan and monitor the progress you have made within each goal.

To motivate yourself to continue, you can also establish rewards for each purpose that you manage to complete within your life plan and if you see that something is not working, change the strategy.

And if at some point along the way you feel that that goal that you originally set for yourself no longer interests you or fits into your life project, do not hesitate and change it for one that you want to achieve.

Life Project Example: How To Design Your Life Plan From Scratch

As you may already know, my dream was always to live traveling, on my own terms and multiply my income while living the life of my dreams. As I know that it can be difficult to take the first step towards such a radical life change, I will give you the example of a life project that personally worked for me to fulfill the first step of that goal.

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A few months ago, I was telling some members of my Community of Digital Entrepreneurs that the first goal in my life project was to achieve a salary to live somewhere in the world.

In my case, as Southeast Asia seemed super cheap, and in my experience, you can live decently with $ 500 a month, my first goal with La suitcase (my travel website) was to achieve what I called “a salary for Thailand ”.

I worked hard, very hard to make those first $ 500 a month with my blog (a mix of advertising and some virtual consulting).

Although I was not a millionaire, every time I felt lost (there were many times, remember that I did not have a support group or guide from anyone), I remembered that at least somewhere in the world, my blog had already given me to live… I could already live in Thailand!

As I have commented in other articles about online entrepreneurship, there are many cities around the world in which when making currency exchange, we will benefit greatly as digital nomads(remember that being a blogger or freelancer, most of the income can be in dollars, euros or pounds, currencies much stronger than the Colombian peso, the Thai baht and many others).

The moral is: to set realistic goals when creating our life projects and look for inspiration in each small achievement.


Take This Life Project Example And Adapt It

If part of your life plan is to be a digital nomad, even if your plan is not to move to Thailand, knowing that with our entrepreneurship we can pay our expenses somewhere in the world, can give you an incredible boost of energy.

After completing that first goal, the next thing I did was try to cover what was necessary to lead the lifestyle I wanted and still be able to save more than half of my salary.

And it is that my idea was always to live better than I lived in Panama (my country) and to travel without the need for sponsorships while saving a lot and achieving financial independence.

Be careful, as I was telling the community bloggers at that time, this example of a life project falls at a point that is very subjective and difficult to standardize.

We would have to define a standard of what it means to “earn and live well” for each one since it varies a lot from country to country and depends on lifestyles.

For example, some do not live on less than $ 5,000 a month, while some others are happy on $ 600.

Now I ask you: Have you already put your goals in black and white, defined your dream lifestyle, and the plans you will execute to achieve it?



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