15 Types Of Friends

15 Types Of Friends

Friendship is one of the happiest experiences in life. There are different stages of life and people who come to your present through each time. In turn, each friendship story is unique and unrepeatable. A happiness exercise that you can do is to list a brainstorm with moments of friendship linked to special people. In this buzzbongo article, we name 15 types of friends that a person can have. Which ones do you have?

1. Fake friends

The first type of friend is fake friends. This type of relationship is usually closely linked to the disenchantment of those who feel used for a specific reason by that friend. A false friend is discovered a posteriori, that is, something happens at some point that reveals the hypocrisy of the other person or her position regarding this friendship. For example, lies that are discovered.

2. Real friends

In opposition to the type of link described in the previous section, there are those friends who accompany you closely in your life even when they live miles away. Real friends are those who sincerely value you, and appreciate you unconditionally, there is a shared and reciprocal interest in nurturing this bond that unites you.

It may be that some of your real friends are people you have known since childhood. But you may also have discovered true friends in more recent stages. They are people who know you and whom you have especially present both in your moments of joy and in your circumstances of sadness. In turn, you also rejoice in the illusions of your true friends and also want to be by their side when they go through a period of difficulty.

3. Friends forever

These types of friends are those friendships that last forever. Time is a factor that describes the story of a friendship that evolves with its protagonists. The years go by and both can make a memory of the past through the moments shared in common. These types of friends represent a friendship in which there is a solid commitment that is strengthened by mutual admiration, sincerity, empathy, and affection of those who observe the importance that each one has in the other’s life. Friends forever also argue and experience periods of crisis. While other relationships can get stuck at a certain point, a friendship of this type is updated with new conversations, new moments, and changes.

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4. College friends

Those who have studied at the university not only remember what they learned at this time through study but also link this period with the human factor of new personal relationships. New friendships that arise in class. And, also, the friendship with the roommates or the university residents. New friendships expand the group of friends that a person has formed so far at school or in high school.

These types of new friends arrive at a time in life that is very important academically and personally since the student is preparing for a profession. Many of these new friends may also share this same professional vocation or, on the contrary, have a different profile.

5. Friends with benefits

This is a type of bond that has been described in the cinema through movies, such as No Strings Attached, a film starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. Both play Emma and Adam, two friends with rights who try to maintain a bond of this type, that is, without a love commitment (with the difficulty that this poses in practice for the protagonists of this story). Another film that also addresses this theme is Friends with Benefits, starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. Relationships that show the absence of loving commitment and the agreement not to fall in love.

6. Friends of different ages

Another type of friend is those who have a significant age difference. Since the social circle can also be enriched with the points of view and experiences of people of different ages with whom you also have points in common. The age difference reflects the intergenerational links present in the family. And this characteristic can also occur in friendship. For example, older people can share life lessons and insights that are closely tied to the wisdom of age.

15 Types Of Friends

7. Friends from far

The circumstance of distance makes you miss having the possibility of improvising plans on a day-to-day basis. However, you experience the joy of reunions and planning the next trip to visit friends from a distance. It is someone with whom you maintain regular communication through the phone and new technologies. And even though there is a physical distance between the two, you feel closer to him than to other friends who live in the same city.

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In other cases, it also happens that the circumstance of the distance produces a distancing in the relationship when both have not constantly taken care of the bond in this new stage.

And in some cases, it also happens that the friendship itself is also born in the distance, as happens when two friends meet through the Internet and maintain contact online.

8. The party friend

With this type of friend you have a great time, he is the life of the party. You would not go to a party without this friend, because you know that he is a safe bet to have fun. Perhaps not the best companion to do school or university work, but you will be very happy to have it on special days, such as your birthday parties, or even your wedding day. The one that will roll!

9. The photographer’s friend

You are in a restaurant, they bring the food and you hear: “wait, wait”. Take out the phone and “flash”. So constantly. It can be a bit tiresome having to repeat a photo 50 times. But, you are very happy when, with all this graphic material, your friend prepares an emotional video or photo album for you. You will always have documented this beautiful friendship.

10. The friend who is late

What patience! This is the type of friend that you have to tell a long time in advance. He doesn’t know how to calculate time or entertain himself with anything. Namely. What you do know is that when you meet him or her, it is better that you take something to pass the time while you wait. We all have a friend like this. And if you don’t have it, it’s you! You will always say that “good things take time”.

11. The innocent friend

That friend who sees everything positive, who believes in magic, and who is brimming with optimism. His joy is contagious, it is very pleasant to spend time with him or her. But of course, he does not see them coming. You try to warn him and prevent him, but it doesn’t help much. Of course, when he has some disappointment and is very upset, you are there to support him. That is friendship.

12. The confident friend

That is a very important type of friend. He is that person to whom you can tell anything. With or with her you have absolute trust, you feel listened to, understood and, above all, not judged. That friend who allows you to express yourself in your way and at your own pace. This type of friend helps you grow as a person, it is one of those friendships that are worth keeping. You’re lucky!

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15 Types Of Friends

13. The Flashing Friend

The intermittent friend is that type of friend who stays with you for a while and then you may not hear from him or her for a long time. These “disappearing” seasons may coincide with periods when you have a partner or a new job. When the thing that kept him so busy is over, he comes back to you. That can make you angry with that friend. If that happens, think that each person manages their love relationships differently and that, if he is your friend, you will have to accept him as he is.

14. Envious Friends

Everyone has had an envious friend at some point in their life, the one to whom you tell that you walked 5 kilometers yesterday and he replies that he walked 10. The one who always wants the same thing as you and who tries to pretend that he is better at everything. As in the previous type of friend, this can make you angry at times, however, you should know that this type of behavior is due to a problem of insecurity and lack of self-esteem of that person and that, if he is your friend, you should accept him as is and not judge him.

15. The childhood friend

You know when your friendship began because you have photos or because your parents tell you about it, you were so young that you don’t even remember it. You may no longer be in daily contact with your childhood friend, but this type of friend is never forgotten.

15 Types Of Friends

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