Selling is the key variable that defines the success of any business and independent activity.

Its importance is such that if the expected results are not obtained promptly, a domino effect is generated in the organization that will drag down its finances, its production, its stock, its members, its profitability, etc., as well as compromise the future or its survival in the market.

If we want to increase sales, there are several paths to take based on the situation and condition of whoever asks this question.

The answer will be found by the reader when positioning himself in his situation and condition, reflecting on the aspects that are detailed below.

Selling implies providing a service that satisfies the needs or solves the problems of others, coinciding with the products or services that you want to market. But it does not mean waiting for them to buy from us, but rather acting efficiently to achieve them.

Although this concept is the essence and the value that should govern each action of the person who performs the management, it should not be overlooked that the success achieved is always and inexorably measured in quantitative terms in each period.

In the case of consistently achieving and exceeding monthly sales goals and providing satisfaction to current and potential customers, it is the clearest sign that professionalized sales management is being carried out.

This is not only the result of having a good product or service but of the success in defining the path to follow (strategy) and in the way of doing it correctly (management methodology) so that it turns out that way.

It will be understood then that the most important thing in any management that wishes to achieve such achievements lies in the strengths of the person who leads the management and how he provides and generates them in his collaborators so that they carry them out.

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It happens that when sales management does not achieve the minimum expected results, the first thing that comes to the mind of the drivers is “let’s do a course” or “let’s train the sellers” so that they learn to sell more and better, or simply motivate them holding a convention.

In the rush to obtain sales that are not achieved, and since the financial situation is not optimal, the shortest courses and those with the lowest value in the market are often used, without delving into the most appropriate content and excellence and trajectory of the person carrying out the activity.

For the training to be effective, what must be taught to salespeople depends on the content that is intended to provide them for their operational strengthening. This includes key concepts and fundamentals to increase their fundamental knowledge of the profession and the abilities and skills that they lack or perform with errors so that they can acquire an efficient and effective performance in their management.

In addition to the previously described, the course should teach them to do what is defined as the “strategy” and the “effective management methodology”, that is, “what” and “how” to perform efficiently and effectively to achieve consistency. in the quality and productivity of its management.


If the answer to the question in the title of this article has been answered, there is another question that also demands your answer: what am I willing to do to achieve it?

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We know from experience that everything good in life has a price in money or effort, which must be invested if we want to enjoy what a product or service will provide us.

Who does not want to make good investments?

But before deciding what and how much to invest, there must be a clear concept of what is required and a strong desire to improve, perfect, or professionalize what is being done. And if it is the aspect that defines the success of any business or activity, with even more reason.

However, when a good decision is not made, it usually stops being an investment and becomes an expense because nothing will improve as a result of said choice.

Indeed, it is not a matter of spending money and wasting time and human effort on something that will not provide us with what is desired; no one thinks or wants it to happen. The issue goes through investing effort, time, or money only in what will give us a certain return on what we contribute to our investment and provide us with a good return over time.

An old saying reminds us that “cheap is expensive” but when you think intelligently before investing in the right thing, the effects and results you get correspond to what you wanted to achieve.

“The order of the factors in the sale alters the result.”

This means that the first investment to improve sales management would be to carry out a clear diagnosis of the current management that allows identifying the current operational impediments to achieve the expected results in each period. This can represent from 3 to 6 hours of consulting with an expert.

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This stage is fundamental for those who lead the management and eventually with the team members (see so that after redefining the strategy and tactics, progress is made in the most appropriate methodology that will allow achieving the desired productivity for each particular case.

Remember that between desire and reality, there are the correct actions that will materialize it.