20 Tips From Bill Gates To Achieve Massive Success In Your Life

20 Tips From Bill Gates To Achieve Massive Success In Your Life

If you could ask one of the richest men on the planet anything, what would come to mind? Surely you would like to hear some of Bill Gates’s advice.

The Reddit portal made one of its famous AMAs with Bill Gates ( Ask Me Anything for its acronym in English), which consists of asking any type of question to the special guest.Among so many questions, it was possible to learn a little about the thoughts, ideas, and stories of one of the richest men on the planet; Among Bill Gates’ advice, money was discussed, his time at university, his habits and decisions, even his advice for young entrepreneurs.

Bill Gates’s advice for young people to succeed in life:

Regardless of what your goals in life are, whether it’s learning how to be a millionaire, enjoying a career you love, or traveling the world, Bill Gates’ advice could help you achieve your goals in life.

The Bill Gates tips that you will find are divided into the topics that generate the most interest; such as money, education, advice for young people, the personal sphere, and finally the famous 11 tips that the founder of Microsoft gave to all young people.

In the same way, we share with you what are the skills that, according to Bill Gates, you need to be a millionaire and successful in life. So, with all this information and advice from Bill Gates full of wisdom and experience, you can turn your life around.

Tips from Bill Gates regarding money: 

20 Tips From Bill Gates To Achieve Massive Success In Your Life


One of the topics that most attracts the attention of people, in general, is money, so there was no lack of questions regarding this for one of the men who has the most on the planet.

In particular, he was asked what he would never spend a lot of money on…

I think that people’s consumption habits or instincts are defined when they are at school. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes or jewelry, (as far as I’m concerned–I do like to buy nice things for my wife Melinda)

This answer reflects the consumption habits of the majority of millionaires, who usually lead a life far from appearances, from luxuries, and above all from the idea that they sell us regarding what the life of millionaires is like.

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These characters learned from an early age the importance of saving money.

One of the most curious or particular questions that Bill Gates answered as if in a hypothetical case he found $40,000 on the platform, would he be willing to pick it up?

The question was based on a video of famed scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who wonders how much money found on the street Bill Gates would stop to pick it up. His response from him was simple:

“Because our foundation can save the life of one person for every thousand dollars that we invest, it would surely collect them since there are 40 lives that we are saving… it would be a great business,” he assured.

Bill Gates’ advice on college:

20 Tips From Bill Gates To Achieve Massive Success In Your Life


There was a moment when he was asked about his past, about his time at university and when he decided to start his business idea. One of the users asked him about his best memory of his time at Harvard University.

You won’t believe his answer…

“I decided it was going to be different, so I didn’t attend any classes I was enrolled in and only participated in classes I wasn’t.”

You will wonder how this strategy worked, or how he managed to pass the subjects for which he never studied. Faced with these doubts, Bill Gates confessed that at the beginning of the subjects, that is, during the reading periods, he used to study a lot.

In particular, he always got the best grades (A+), except for chemistry, which he almost failed.

One of the most important questions, and one that could perhaps help you understand Bill Gates ‘ mentality and his vision of the future, was the following:

When you started Microsoft your goal was to put a computer in every home; if you had to start over, what would be your goal?

“It seems to me that today in hindsight it looks easier than it really was. People thought we were crazy, and even great industry leaders like Ken Olsen said they didn’t need a computer in their home.”

Being young allowed us to think about computers in a very different way

Now, regarding the future, Bill Gates thinks that “the challenge is to make computers much more intelligent. The software still doesn’t understand what I have to pay attention to, in fact, the proliferation of various tools to edit texts, send emails and receive notifications show that users still have to face great complexity»

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“Eventually the software will understand what you should pay attention to based on the context and your preferences,” he concluded as to the future of computing.

“I think that robots that have vision and certain capabilities as good as humans will be the technological breakthrough for the next 20 years, which will become a huge challenge that is being undervalued.”

He added that the medical advances will also be incredible and hard to believe. Like robots, some capabilities such as editing or modifying genes will bring great challenges to face.

Tips from Bill Gates on a personal level:

20 Tips From Bill Gates To Achieve Massive Success In Your Life


On a personal level, there were intimate questions about whether marrying Melinda was one of the three most important decisions of your life.

To which, in a romantic tone, he replied that he would place it as the most important decision of his life since although working in software was a good choice, this was something that appeared in his life and was not so much his own decision.

Regarding his present, they asked him if he had planned to retire and lead a quieter life since it seemed that he had to sacrifice many things to stay active in the foundation’s projects.

The answer to this question shows the essence of Bill Gates and reflects his passion and life experience. In other words, Bill Gates loves his work and what he does.

“I love meeting with scientists and field workers. Today I can work less if I wish and go on vacation right now” she analyzes.

The situation was different when he was young since for him there was no such thing as a vacation when he was in his 20s.

However, he states that “now I have matured, I feel very fortunate to be able to be involved in the foundation with Melinda for another 30 years if my health allows it”.

Bill Gates Life Tips:

Lastly, and as expected, Bill Gates left a couple of tips for all of us who want to start a different lifestyle, for those of us who want to improve and find in him a model of admiration and respect.

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First, it was about his reading habits and the way he gets to read faster.

“It pays to learn to read a little faster, and while I don’t know the best course to learn it today, here’s what I do:

I have a rule of always finishing the books I start reading, maybe this may not work for everyone.

I only read two books at the same time–in fact, I only read one, unless it is very complex and I need to mix it with an additional one


“I like to read a lot at night and my biggest problem is staying up too late and regretting the next day for not getting enough sleep the night before”

One of Bill Gates’s most important pieces of advice came when a young man, about to graduate from college, asked him for life advice to achieve success…

Bill Gates concluded that “the value of having a good education, such as going to college, is underestimated. The most interesting jobs require a college degree.

Jobs related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are perhaps the most interesting, but they are not for everyone.

The value of staying curious, reading a lot, and constantly learning, even after college, is also underrated.”

Skills to succeed in life according to Bill Gates:

20 Tips From Bill Gates To Achieve Massive Success In Your Life


In closing, here are the skills that are necessary for success in life. According to Bill Gates, these would be the most demanded skills in the labor market in the future, which would lead the person who has them to be successful.

What are these skills? You need basic knowledge in science, engineering, and economics to get ahead and be successful.

However, this does not mean that you should become an expert programmer. Rather, it means that you should understand how math and science work.

As Bill Gates put it in an  interview  for LinkedIn Executive Editor  Daniel Roth: 

“A basic knowledge of science, mathematics and economics helps, these are skills that many careers in the future will be in high demand for. You don’t need to write code, but you do need to understand what engineers can and can’t do.”

So, among the advice of Bill Gates we find that when defining your professional career, you could consider these skills that will be in demand in the future.

To finish, we leave you an album with Bill Gates’s advice for young people regarding life:


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