Excellence is a consequence of Love

Excellence is a consequence of Love

In the business world, we talk a lot about Excellence but very little about Love. And in reality, Excellence is essentially a state in the practice of something that is done with Love.

Excellence has little to do with virtue, discipline, or training since none of this compares with the quality of Being and Doing that someone who does things out of Love achieves.

Excellence is not achieved through effort, nor is it a reward for dedication. Excellence is not an Objective, Excellence is a Consequence. Excellence is not reached, Excellence is what comes when what is or what is done is based on Love. Excellence is not a product that is built with application in processes, Excellence is a result, and as such it is part of each process and each act; it is not a Final Result, it is a state that has no starting point and never ends.

There are important differences between Excellence and all previous and lesser states: one can be good at what he is and what he does, but this does not place him in Excellence; one can be very good at what it is and what it does, but this does not make it excellent; one can be successful (whatever the metric that qualifies this for), but not Excellent. The difference between being Excellent and very good is the same as the difference between a sunny day and a sunny day, between a good book and a good chapter.

Rational and mechanical effort never leads to Excellence, in reality, nothing rational leads to Excellence. The rational produces wear that is difficult to repair. Excellence dwells in the domains of the emotional dimension, in the intricate network of the senses, and not in the mental framework.

One can set out to achieve Excellence in what it is and what it does, but if you do not love yourself and do not love what you do, it will be difficult to fulfill the purpose. With effort and dedication, you can get to see the promised land, but to live in it, force or even Power are not enough.

Excellence has two columns that support it synergistically: self-love and love for what is done. Being and Doing. There is no such thing as an Excellent Human Being in what he does without there being an Excellent Human Being in what he is. And this level of Excellence simply escapes collective judgment: Excellent is who loves himself and loves what he does. Spot. If the conclusion did not refer to this, there would always be the moral argument of asking how can an excellent person be defined. To avoid this ethical labyrinth, there is Love. And without fear, it can be affirmed that whoever loves himself achieves Excellence. And whoever loves what he does achieves Excellence in what he does.

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Our ignorance about Love is great and our inability to Love is even greater, that is why Excellence is elusive in life.

Love is such an abstract and complex subject that its definition is very difficult, but there is a factor that facilitates the process: every human being knows what Love is. Another thing is the experience you have with him or the way you are present in his life, but everyone knows what Love is. If Love can be considered as a set of disinterested and unconditional behaviors and attitudes, manifested between beings that can develop emotional intelligence, then Love can only be experienced by human beings.

Every manifestation of Love begins in Self-Love, as well as the path to Excellence. Those who do not love themselves do not know Love, and little can be expected from it in what they do. There are good human beings, good professionals, and good leaders, but excellent are only those who know love for themselves. Can someone or something love someone who does not love himself first? Can he be good to someone or good at something who is first not good to himself? Who does not love himself is an incomplete being who seeks fulfillment in other people or other things, and who seeks demand does not give, ask, and does not grant. Excellence is not based on demand, Excellence is the experience of giving and giving the best you have.

On the other hand, those who have solid Self-Love will hardly do the wrong thing, and for this reason, it can be expected that their personal and professional acts are of quality and conform to the common benefit.

Those people who spend their lives doing something they don’t like or don’t feel good about do not have enough Self-Love. People who find puerile justifications in a routine that suffocates them. These people cannot affirm that they lead a quality life only because the “sacrifice” of what they do every day “pays” them for some “comfort”. Nor will they be able to demonstrate that their performance is in line with Excellence. Everything they give is the product of a great effort because nothing less can be invested by those who are forced to do something they dislike, let alone something they don’t love. And the effort, by itself, does not lead to Excellence, or at least it pales in its results before those who do things because they like them or because they simply love to do them.

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It causes sadness to observe millions of people who bet on education, discipline, and an obsessive dedication to stand out in their personal and professional lives, at home, at work, and in the social environment. All of them believe they are walking the path of Excellence, but they are only travelers on the path that leads to lesser achievements with much sweat and many tears. They differ from the human being who stands out because he finds pleasure in what he does. TASTE, simply Taste, is that subtle element that constitutes the seed of Love, and also its fruit. Nobody loves what they do not like, and nobody extracts a healthy Passion if it is not from Love.

And PASSION is like a dose of steroids for Excellence.

In healthy Self-Love (worth the affirmation although Love is always healthy), and with Love for what is done, the human being does not find a difference in the life he leads at home or work, at rest or fatigue, in the tasks of a Friday or Monday, on vacation or at work. He does not have a different behavior with his loved ones or with “those who are not”, he only lives a state of mind that defines him: a feeling good with what he Is and with what he does.

If this seems ideal, it is because it is from every point of view. Excellence is Ideal, nothing less, but it is not a utopia. Excellence is within everyone’s reach precisely because Love is the essence of the human being and a universal element that maintains life. It is as present as the sun every day, although it is as little perceptible to most as the star king, which although it never leaves anyone in the dark, rarely deserves recognition.

For those of us who lack clairvoyance in understanding the small things that explain the wonder of life, for those of us who cannot achieve that peace of mind that allows us to understand how wonderful it is to exist, there is a “little secret” that can be of help, a simple gateway to the knowledge of Love: Taste, feeling comfortable with ourselves and doing what we like. This little thing is just a door, but it represents the entrance.

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Feel comfortable with yourself! , Why not? If there are already many “whys” not to be, it is reasonable to allow a “Why not?” It’s just a spark, but unlike any other minutiae, it can cause a huge fire: that of Self-Love. And that is a flame that will keep us warm and illuminated for the rest of our lives.

There can be many “reasonable reasons” for not being comfortable with ourselves, but if we decide to GET OUT of that mold, even a little and just once, we can access the master key to change everything: Love for oneself. Because ancient wisdom affirms it well: love does nothing improper, love is not puffed up, love is not boastful, love does not get irritated, love does not hold a grudge, love is benign, love does not seek its own, love does not enjoy injustice but enjoys the truth, love believes everything, expects everything, supports everything. That self-oriented love cannot fail at all.

And do what we like! Why not? Who, in the name of what they most want, has said that we came into this world to be unhappy? Where does the belief of such stupidity emerge from? If the poets are owners of indisputable truth in something, it is in affirming that life is a sign. Today it is here and ready. Tomorrow is foreign. And please, let’s take this affirmation calmly! Because Self-Love does not lead the human being to do what he likes within the framework of the ridiculous licentiousness that worries the frustrated blessed so much. Just as hummingbirds are not born from the viper, so from Love nonsense is not born.

Excellence is a consequence of Love, reaching it is not difficult, what is complex is often understanding the importance of loving oneself and loving what one does, or let’s put it more practically, just as people like things from business: the complex thing is making the decision NOT to do those things we DO NOT love, even if they temporarily offer a hint of well-being.


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