4 Ways Speech Analytics Prevents Employee From Agitation In The Contact Center

4 Ways Speech Analytics Prevents Employee From Agitation In The Contact Center

Businesses move fast, but retention strategies fail. In this way, the contact center industry is leveraging technology to transform the employee experience.


While 71% of executives believe that employee engagement is critical to the success of their company, a staggering 85% of employees are not committed.


Too many companies fail to develop employee retention strategies, resulting in poor employee performance, poor retention, slumping sales, and more.


Now is the time for a proactive approach to employee retention and leaders turning to technology for help.


Contact centers are an industry that has had a longstanding impact on employee turnover. An annual turnover rate of 45% is more than double the average of all jobs in the United States.


Successful brands tackle this challenge in the contact center with speech analysis to turn inherited enforcement measures into a clearer and more meaningful practice: listening.


What started as a tool for identifying customer points and trends has evolved into a powerful tool for employees and managers alike, offering a comprehensive interpretation of employee engagement and sentiment at every stage of the employee’s life cycle, this is like:


Simplify the recruiting process

First things first, not everyone is determined to be a call center agent. The skills required for the job developed in parallel with the customer experience (CX).


Ensuring applicant suitability is critical as hiring and securing jobs costs US companies more than $ 5,000 per employee.

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Voice analytics not only speeds up the process but can also ensure that you are getting it right by identifying the most promising potential customers by responding to potential contact center scenarios.


Regardless of the candidate’s knowledge of the product or the company itself, the technology can use empathy, listening, and general verbal communication skills to determine how successful their response will be.

Improve training and learning

Every contact center manager faces the challenge of rapidly increasing the number of employees. With analytics, organizations can identify the exact characteristics displayed by their most successful agents to use as a training model.


Rather than letting new agents snoop on random conversations, companies can use technology to highlight and learn the best strategies for engaging talent.


In addition to sample learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) speech analysis provides real-time information that can be applied during customer interactions to guide them to appropriate responses and actions.


Instead, employees spend less time searching for information, while building trust and experiencing less frustration – which is directly related to employee engagement.


Allows consistent performance

Another mistake that contact center management usually makes is stopping the training process as soon as the agents move.


Your company is growing, and so are your employees. Although contact centers have always struggled with ongoing behavior change, the inability to consistently measure progress has hindered progress.


This not only hampers operations in general but also adds to the frustration of the agent.


According to Gallup, less than 21% of employees firmly believe that their company has a fair review process.

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Traditional indicators often reflect only limbs, as consumers tend to fill out surveys when they are too satisfied or dissatisfied.


Speech analysis overcomes this barrier by recording 100% of the conversation automatically to receive consistent and objective feedback. With the help of automatic scorecards, information is immediately available.


Not only can managers generate full performance reports in less time than manually review calls, but they can also independently track comprehensive feedback on self-improvement.


Promote professional development

The added benefits, financial incentives, and remote flexibility can only keep your team motivated in the long term.


Companies returning to this adhesive solution ignore a much bigger problem. The most important thing you can offer your employees is growth opportunities.


However, you can’t manage them effectively if you only look at the pieces of the puzzle.


This can be a big problem for companies in today’s job-seeking market as 37% of employees think recognition is the most suitable for their success. Employees must feel connected to the company’s values.


However, this was almost impossible if only recognized for its inadequate efficiency.


By tracking the employee’s journey from start to finish, the employer can not only identify training opportunities but also quickly identify the desired behavior and reward the agency.


Lack of employee engagement has been shown to have a drastic impact on sales, customer loyalty, and more, contributing to more than $ 500 billion in lost revenue every year.


In the contact center, maintaining highly efficient staff is essential as agents are usually the face and voice of your brand to customers. It’s good to keep people and invest in the tools to get it done first.


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