How Can a Contract be Digitized?

How Can a Contract be Digitized?

The use of printed documents is decreasing due to the costs it produces, the environmental impact it causes, and the space it occupies over time. Today, most companies have chosen to use technological methods that allow them to convert paper into an image that can be stored on a computer.

Steps to digitize a contract

The digitization of documents is a technological process that consists of converting the images of a document (text, photos, or drawings) into digital images, using computer technology, such as cameras or scanners, which allows the information to be stored in virtual memory or the computer, without taking up physical space.


This method facilitates the administration of our company’s documents in an efficient way, reduces the errors generated in the processes, and reduces the possibility of loss. It also makes it easy to access anywhere and anytime and reduces operational expenses.


Digitizing a document is not complicated, we just have to perform an audit of the printed documents, classify them by categories, name the files, choose the type of storage and store it. We can do this using two alternatives: PDF or Word.

Scan to PDF

The first thing we must do is install the Adobe Acrobat program on the computer, once we have it available we proceed to follow the steps below:

  • We introduce the document in the scanner.
  • We select the file, then we choose to create a PDF
  • We choose the type of document, in this case, PDF
  • We press the save option
  • We name the file
  • Again we click on the save option
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Digitizing into Word

If we want to digitize a document and be able to edit it, the ideal option is to choose Word. For this, we must comply with a few steps, easy to understand and execute.

  • We start Microsoft OneNote
  • We choose to insert an image
  • We insert the image
  • We extract the text from the image
  • We open a new document in Word
  • We paste the text into the new document

Using Microsoft One Note, we can edit the documents as many times as we see fit in just seconds, and thus avoid transcribing all their content every time a change is necessary.

Advantages of digitizing contracts

Manually managing contracts represent an economic risk that companies cannot risk-taking. While the minimum human error can produce great economic losses, digitization offers us multiple advantages, the main one being accessed.


The storage of contracts in virtual memories allows us to obtain access no matter where we are, we only have to enter our account from a device with the internet. Even, in some cases, without having access to the network, the contracts are in the internal memory of the computer.


For this reason, today large organizations have chosen to hire the services of companies that operate in the cloud, such as, a platform that safely and easily manages the entire life cycle of contracts of a company, organizing documents and information safely and efficiently in a 100% collaborative ecosystem.


Web dox CLM allows the creation, validation, signing, and exploitation of contracts for all areas of the company and market industries, to improve the contracting experience.

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Another positive aspect of the digitization of contracts and documents is that it reduces the costs caused by managing physical files, as well as the execution time of this task. As long as the installed systems are accurately implemented and used.


With these types of tools, documents are not at risk of deteriorating, getting wet, or getting sick. They will always be protected within physical software or in the cloud so that only the people who handle the information can have access.


In addition, with digital solutions for the management of contracts and documents, the physical space will not be invaded by filing cabinets, which in addition to limiting the area and being unfriendly to the environment due to the excessive use of paper, tend to accumulate dust and other elements. harmful to health.


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