Save and Put Capitalism at Your Feet, Not on Your Shoulders

Save and Put Capitalism at Your Feet, Not on Your Shoulders

Allow yourself this analogy: the capitalist system that manages free-market economies is like a kitchen knife. If handled well it is a very useful tool, but otherwise, it is dangerous. Well, if you want capitalism to be a system that benefits you, SAVE. This is the mechanism that leads to prosperity in free economies.


It is a statistical fact: the majority fail to benefit from the capitalist system, rather succumb to it. He holds the knife by the blade and hurts himself.


These lines are not intended to question the system, rather the way individuals behave in it. All systems have their peculiarities. And among them, capitalism is possibly one of the best for the management of wealth and the development of people. But it ends up being ruthless to those who don’t know how to drive on its roads.


Save and become a smart consumer.-

In large part, capitalism is a huge factory of consumerism and consumers. Its objective is to try to ensure that all individuals consume the greatest amount of goods and services. That is the lubricant of the system. That and no other is the factor that energizes the markets and allows the return on capital.

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This logic does not merit a light, positive or negative judgment. It is simply so. It has the same character as a kitchen knife. It is neither good nor bad in itself, its functionality can only be evaluated according to its use.


Capitalism uses endless means to make you a leading consumer. Invest heavily so that you spend your money. Seduce and convince. Then he catches you and transforms into a pawn on the board.


But there is good news. This is a game of seduction and conquest, there is nothing mandatory.

In capitalism, we are all players with power and the ability to avoid the pitfalls that arise. This differentiates the system from others: we have the possibility of being the tile on the board that we want to be.

Many will cry out to heaven and tear their garments at this time. They will ask, how is it possible to claim that someone can be whatever they want in the oppressive capitalist world?


Well, yes you can. Essentially because there is freedom, but also because the tricks that allow it can be learned. And one of those “tricks”, one of the simplest and most transcendental tips is this: SAVE.


Saving allows you to grip the knife by the handle. Puts you in the driver’s seat. It takes you out of the luggage compartment and gives you back control over your life and your destiny.

Escape the oppressive circuit of debt.

Debt is a great invention of humanity, but it is fundamentally so when it is used for the construction of ASSETS. When it is associated with the formation of wealth or current consumption, it is a concrete calamity.


When you go into debt to build Assets, they are the ones that eventually pay off the obligations and create a virtuous circuit. But when you do it to buy a car, a house, pay for a trip, or finance leisure, the debt directly attacks your pocket and generates dependency.


The system is nourished by indebted people because in this way the circulating money is multiplied. In this way, more can be produced and better returns to capital can be obtained.

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How does the system trap you in the vicious cycle of debt? Going to your immediate sense of satisfaction.


Why wait 3 or 4 years for a car if you can have it today and pay for it “comfortably” at that same time? Why deprive yourself of that “house of dreams” if you can buy it today and pay for it “with peace of mind” for the next 25 years?


Most take those promises and illusions. They have been doing it that way for many years. And for that very reason, they add tradition to logic and turn it into an idiosyncrasy.


Once in debt, the system does its thing. It generates dependence on unsatisfactory jobs and anxiety to generate income that sustains the “quality of life obtained”. If there is not that, the debt shows its worst side and simply strips.


It is not popular who today tells you: SAVE to buy the car you want or the house you dream of. Not popular! You can even see yourself as a coward or a victim of the (always misunderstood) poverty mentality.


The system’s “siren songs” are the music of the day. You have, then you are. You have more, then you are more. Final point. If debt helps, then welcome!


But there is something basic ignored by those poor souls who let themselves go with the flow: saving is precisely capital. And this is, in essence, the fuel of the system.


The genuine capitalist is the one who saves.

It is one of the basic formulas of economics: saving equals investment. Equally the essence of a fashionable phrase: “cash is the King”.


Saving orders life generates discipline allows to mature and develop incomparably valuable skills to navigate market economies. Those who save always get the best prices, avoid financial interests, and comfortably “surf” during difficult economic periods.


Naive (to say the least) is who buys a house paying 25 years of debt and its respective interests. Likewise, the one who pays 3 times the value of a car to finance it in 5 or 7 years. This has nothing to do with financial sagacity or even arithmetic wisdom. And justifying it with the banal logic of “immediate retribution” is even more absurd.


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Many lightly criticize the person who privileges a rental over the purchase of a house on credit, or those who sympathize with the person who takes a public transport service instead of benefiting from the comfort of a financed car.


That is not only financial ignorance but also an inability to add and subtract. Who saves to make these purchases is the genuine capitalist and the one who finally employs and makes others work.


Is it so difficult to appreciate this?


Well. It is something very simple to see. But if the majority fail, it is simply because the system has done its job well. On the other hand, it is also a huge opportunity for those who want to distinguish themselves from the herd and command their destiny.


However, saving is not an easy task either. It’s remarkably sophisticated. Possibly for this reason it is avoided. It is not comfortable to save, quite the opposite. And in this culture of immediacy and ease, it is not the path chosen by those who favor the routes of minimal effort.


The “passive savings”, which many will associate with what is said here, is NOT the reference. It is not about accumulating bills in a bank account or under the mattress. This way you don’t save intelligently. It is about mastering ACTIVE SAVING, managing well expenses, income, life goals, and the set of social and interpersonal dynamics.


Saving is a complex technique. That is why it benefits few. But those few are precisely those who dominate the capitalist system and define the evolution of the world. Study and learn from this. Take your time. Invest effort in mastering all possible techniques. Do it with the same dedication that purchases and consumption demand of you.


Save and put capitalism at your feet. Enjoy the true quality of life. Experience the freedom of who owns his destiny, and not of the one who sleeps every night with the challenge of activating in the morning to pay the debts that allow him to have a roof over his head, four tires under his feet, and the illusion of taking a trip to meet, in distant places, people who live like him.


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