How To Promote My Company On Google

How To Promote My Company On Google

There are several formats for promoting a company on Google. If you need to disclose commercial information, Google My Business is the ideal tool for this.

Through this tool, you register all your commercial information on Google, create a website for your company, place your business address on Google Maps, and much more.

Furthermore, disseminating this information is essential for those who value good visibility in the market, in addition to brand consolidation.

In this post, you will learn more about how to promote your company online and ensure the best position for your business online.

Online Marketing

In this digital age we live in, when it comes to advertising, the first thing we think of is the internet. Create campaigns, and offer products and services on the leading sales platforms, social networks, and everything else.

Online Marketing, or Digital Marketing, is the way to summarize all marketing efforts in the online environment. In other words, it is the easiest way to reach potential customers in a single environment.

By using digital channels such as blogs, social networks, websites, social media, email, and others, companies offer solutions to the main pains and desires of their customers and potential customers.

But before investing in this Marketing configuration, some main concepts must be clear: sales funnel, persona, lead, CRM, landing page, CTA, SEO, and nutrition flow.

Find out the definition of each of them below:

Sales funnel

Also known as the Consumer Journey, it is the customer’s journey to the decision to purchase the product.

At first, the consumer does not know they have a problem. So, he is still generating interest in a particular subject. After delving deeper into the subject, he begins to notice a problem or opportunity.

At this time, the entrepreneur begins to generate consumer needs.

In a third step, the buyer maps out all possible solutions to their problem. In this part, the company seeks to create a sense of urgency to move forward in the process.

Finally, knowing all the options and convinced of the best one, they purchase the service or product.


In a more simplified way, Persona is nothing more than the ideal audience for your company.

For example, imagine you have a store that sells dress shoes. The ideal audience for your store are men and women from a certain social class, who have a certain lifestyle and specific preferences.

This mapping helps to create more segmented and targeted actions for the right people.


Leads are the best customer opportunities for your business and that you have contact with, being able to send promotions, offer materials, and much more.

It works like this: people who are interested in a certain product and service leave their key information, becoming a lead for that business.

This way, it is possible to nourish this audience with relevant information until they feel ready to proceed with the purchasing action.


For the nurturing of leads explained above, the main tool used is CRM. She effectively manages the relationship between the company and potential and current customers.

With this tool, you can register customers, record information, preferences, and last contacts made with your company, and much more.

Landing Page

The famous Landing Pages aim to capture Leads by offering relevant content and materials to consumers. Thus, users leave their contact information, becoming leads.

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CTAs, or Calls-To-Action, are calls or buttons that direct users to act when visiting a page. This is to continue the flow of the sales funnel so that users arrive at their purchasing decision already prepared.

IF The

SEO is working with keywords so that your content appears more easily to people carrying out a specific search.

The more you include a certain keyword in your content, the greater the chance that people will find your content in the first link options on Google when they perform a search.

Therefore, it is always important to know what people are looking for in your segment to work on specific actions and, thus, increase your sales.

Nutrition flow

The nurturing flow is the process that moves the visitor through the sales funnel. An action performed by the user works as a kind of trigger for a relationship flow that generally takes place via email.

Why promote your company online?

“Small and medium-sized companies harm customer attraction due to a lack of use of the internet to promote their business”.

This is what Rodrigo Rodrigues, director of customer solutions at Google for Latin America, says.

Even with the constant increase in the number of people seeking commercial information on the internet, most micro and small companies do not use the virtual environment for their advertising.

As a result, the range of business opportunities decreases significantly for these companies, also reducing the chance of business expansion and brand visibility.

Therefore, entrepreneurs who value the continuity of their business should always think about different means of dissemination, and, above all, consider the digital medium for this.

5 tips to appear on the first page of Google

Google search engines are increasingly advanced and getting company information to appear on the first page of Google requires a lot of effort.

We have separated the tips below that can help you a lot in effectively promoting your business. Check out:

1 . Production of relevant content

The production of relevant content is closely related to the persona. When you define your persona, it becomes much easier to know what content can be useful and, therefore, make them go to your website, blog, etc.

Your content will appear to your potential customers when they search for the respective subject using keywords.

So, ideally, the themes should be aligned with the research, providing the user with the best experience.

So, the greater the relevance of the topic and the quality of its content, the easier it will be found by your audience, helping it to appear on the first page of Google.

2 . Invest in SEO 

As we explained, SEO is mainly responsible for the ranking potential of pages in the search engine.

Good content linked to search engine optimization is the ideal recipe for appearing on the first page of a Google search.

In other words, the inclusion of the main keywords in the content is extremely important for ranking the content.

Furthermore, investing in SEO will allow you to have a website well-positioned in search engines and automatically increase your visibility on the web.

Who has never searched on Google and ended up clicking on the first results, but came across an ad? The first search results are aimed at them, also known as sponsored links.

So that you better understand how the sponsored link works, we say that it works in the same way as printed newspaper ads. However, on the internet, these ads go through an auction, defining their positioning.

Within this procedure, factors such as value, quality of the website in question, as well as the relevance of the content are taken into account. In other words, the amount paid is not the deciding factor for prominence in the search engine.

And, again, we return to the importance of working with content marketing and relevant production to guarantee the best results.

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When you search on Google, before clicking on a link you can access a summary, just below the link, of what the page covers. This content description is also known as meta description.

This description is one of the first things Google reads. Therefore, it is worth writing attractive content and including the main keywords on the subject, seeking to index the content in the search engine.

5 . Optimized URL

Optimization is not just in the content produced. Just as important is optimizing the URL used.

The ideal URL summarizes the content covered with a few main words about the subject covered. Thus, the chances of this content appearing on the first page of Google increase significantly.

In addition to Google results, it is important to consider the main sales channels to promote your products and services even better. Check out the top 4 below:

4 Main sales channels

The sales channel is another option that companies have to sell their products and services, both online and offline.

By advertising on these channels, you can gain access to an audience that is not yet your customer but has the intention of purchasing.

Furthermore, these channels serve as advertising for greater brand visibility, even if the user is not at the purchasing stage.


The marketplace is one of the main sales channels and is ideal for small businesses. This is because advertising on large marketplaces can improve the credibility of the business.

One of the advantages of selling on marketplaces is the ease of payment issues. Any procedures involving payment are the responsibility of the website.

Differently regarding warranty and delivery of the product or service, which is the sole responsibility of the advertising company.

Social media

Nowadays, social networks like Facebook and Instagram already offer options for selling products and services.

On Facebook, in addition to its page that the company can create to promote what it sells, there is also the marketplace option, which reaches potential buyers who are in the region where your company is located.

Instagram offers the option of showing the prices of each product in the photos themselves (when the company has a corporate page).

With just one click, the buyer is directed to the purchase page and can purchase the product they want.


The focus of E-commerce is companies that seek, in addition to selling online, to organize their virtual store.

In this format, the website is under the full responsibility of the brand that sells the products or services, making the website more like the company. It is a little more complicated to scale the business in this configuration.

Therefore, it is important to draw up a good strategy for e-commerce operations, thinking about the best possible performance.

Google Adwords

The famous Google Adwords is Google’s advertising platform. With this service, the user can place ads that are displayed in the form of sponsored links when someone searches.

These ads mainly appear in search results related to the keywords used.

What is Google My Business?

I believe you have already turned to Google to find out the phone number of that store in the mall, or to find out the opening hours on holidays. The tool responsible for recording this information is Google My Business or Google My Business.

It is a free and practical tool that enables companies and organizations to manage their commercial information on Google, both on the Google page and in Google search, and also on Google Maps.

Furthermore, it is possible to extract statistics to monitor different behaviors such as visibility, audience, and publications.

This way, you can focus on your sales strategies, thinking about improving your company’s visibility on search engines and also on the web as a whole.

Advantages of using Google My Business

There are several benefits and advantages to using Google My Business. Below we separate the main ones and detail each one of them, See:

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Manage your information

You can manage your business information on Google, so people can view it when searching.

Include the main information that customers would like to know when searching for your company, such as address, opening hours, contact details, website, etc.

Relationship with customers

Another advantage of using Google My Business is getting closer to your customers. Pay attention to people’s comments about your business, respond, post photos to promote what you do, and much more.

According to Google, companies that add photos to their listings receive 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps and 35% more clicks to access their websites than other companies.

Expand online presence

By promoting your company on the internet, you reach a greater number of people, making your business’s visibility grow even more.

Furthermore, you can monitor the performance of research carried out about your company, helping with your sales strategies.

Create a website on Google My Business

In a very simple and practical way, you can create your website using Google My Business. This is because when you enter your information into Google, the platform automatically transfers it to create a website.

This site is free and you can also include photos, videos, and themes. A website will always be optimized when you add these items and can be displayed on computers, notebooks, and mobile devices.

Creating the website is very easy. Just log into your Google My Business account, click on the menu, and search for the website. Ready! On this page, you can change and optimize your website whenever you want.

How to put your business on Google Maps

Who has never used Google Maps to get somewhere? Either due to lack of knowledge of the route, or to be able to avoid traffic using the best way.

Google Maps can be accessed both on its web platform and in its mobile version, ensuring greater practicality in using the tool.

Registering information on Google Maps is free and the process is very simple.

Many people believe that to put commercial information on Google it must be very bureaucratic, in addition to spending a dollar, but this is not the case.

As previously mentioned, you don’t need to pay anything to put your information on Google, and registering it is very simple.

The first step is to log in to your Google account. Once you are logged into your account, you can change any type of information about your business.

Simply access Google My Business and follow the platform’s instructions, including your company details such as name, address, contact, whether you want to add a location that customers can visit, and much more.

After including all the information on the platform, Google completes the registration by sending a letter to the address with a registration code to verify that the data entered is true.

As soon as you receive the letter and confirm the address using the code provided in the letter, the location becomes official by Google.

How do I add a photo of my company to Google Maps?

If you have a business that has already been verified on Google My Business, then learn how to add photos of your business on the platform.

It’s important to remember that you can place any type of photo, whether it’s a cover photo, logo, or additional photos. But before adding the photos, you need to check whether the photo is in PNG or JPG format.

Regarding size, it is recommended that it be between 10 KB and 5 MB and the recommended resolution is 720 px in height and width.

Another very important tip is about image quality. Remember to take a clear photo in a well-lit place. Do not mask the image with the use of filters and Photoshop.


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