How to Start a Tattoo Parlor Business at Home

How to Start a Tattoo Parlor Business at Home

What is a tattoo?

Tattoos are a type of permanent body art. The design is done by pricking the skin with a needle and injecting ink, dye, and pigment into the inner layers of the skin.


In the past, tattoos were done by hand – that is, tattoo artists pricked the skin with a needle and injected ink by hand. Although this procedure is still used in some parts of the world, professional tattoo artists use tattoo machines. The tattoo machine moves the needle up and down as ink builds upon the skin.


Want to start a tattoo parlor business at home? 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start a tattoo parlor with essential information on legal considerations, equipment, etc.


The tattoo parlor business is great for creative people who have a passion for body art. Although it does not require formal qualifications to get a tattoo, sufficient work experience in doing work, and communicating with clients. Below are some of the basic steps you need to take to start a tattoo parlor

Here are 10 steps to start a tattoo parlor business at home

Is the salon business suitable for tattoos?

The tattoo parlor business is best for people with creative inclinations. If you like art forms and pictorial images, you have an edge over the others. However, to own a tattoo parlor, you must have the skills to be an entrepreneur to be successful.

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Learn training and keep updating

As a tattoo artist, you need to be in a continuous learning mode. You have to train hard to become a successful tattoo artist. You need to have a mentor in this profession. If you can’t find a local tutor teaching this art, search for tattoo courses near me on Google to find one.


One of the aspects that need to be considered when immersing yourself in this business is that apart from tattoo art, you also need to have good communication skills. You are both an artist and a seller in this business. You need to be able to understand your customers and communicate with them reliably. The best way to start a tattoo parlor is to work as an apprentice with a professional artist for several months or years.

Is a Tattoo Parlor a Profitable Business?

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular every day. Nearly a third of the population now has a tattoo under the age of forty. The industry is currently valued at over $ 3 billion and growing rapidly. In the US alone, more than 22,000 beauty salons are operating successfully.


Apart from tattoo making, tattoo piercing and removal have improved significantly, and are likely to increase in the coming years. Most tattoo parlors offer piercing and tattoo removal, as well as tattoo design services.


Choose a location and do market research

Choosing the right location is very important to the success of a tattoo parlor. The retail space must be in a location where tattoo services are available. Detailed market research will help you choose the right location.

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Costs and equipment to open a beauty salon

The main cost associated with this business is the work area. You need to find a large commercial area with lots of room to run a tattoo parlor. Also, you need to make sure that the space is undisturbed and comfortable for the customer.

  • Tattoo gun
  • Needle
  • ink
  • mirror
  • Paper wool cloth
  • Disinfectant
  • Disposable latex gloves
  • Disposable razor

How to Start a Tattoo Parlor Business at Home

Give your tattoo business a name

You should choose a catchy and memorable name for your tattoo parlor. Also, make sure you choose the right domain name because a website is a must for this business. Learn more about naming your company in this article.

Write a business plan

Take a break and list the important aspects of the tourism business. Write in as much detail as possible about fixed costs and labor, marketing strategies, services offered, pricing strategies, personnel planning, equity and payback period, and much more business plan.

It is best to follow state laws when running a tattoo parlor in your area. This will not only reduce your stress, but also provide you with certain benefits, and also make you more productive at your job. First, in the form of a legal entity. If you are from the US, forming an LLC gives you certain benefits for an additional fee.


Obtain the necessary permits and licenses from the relevant local authorities. You will also need to register your company with different tax compliance. It depends on country to country and country to country. Finally, open a commercial bank account to legally receive money from customers. Establish a business accounting method for daily financial transactions. Suitable accounting software will be of great help in this regard.

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Promote your tattoo parlor

Networking is the key to success in this business. Get to know people the best you can and understand their trends and needs. A must-have website for this business. Create a website with details about the services you offer. Print business cards and brochures and distribute them to potential customers. Browse social media platforms as often as possible.


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