Possibility-Probability: The mental key to entrepreneurship

Possibility-Probability: The mental key to entrepreneurship

The venture is a trade practice that very few people in this world, very few. Despite all the elements and conditions that facilitate the task in this quarter of the advancement of the new century, only a handful of human beings choose their paths.


The reason for this has remained the same for more than two hundred years: the prevailing idiosyncrasy in families and society regarding work.


For the vast majority, the work exercise consists of joining the conventional system with the usual characteristics: organizational structures developed by third parties (private or public), hierarchies, remuneration for the investment of time, merit associated with knowledge, predictability, repeatability, work in equipment, etc.


These particularities lead to a very particular association between work and employment. In many cases, the terms are even assumed synonymously. For this reason, a significant part of the people, who have a job works, and who do not have one, does not.


In this mighty current of thought, generations of individuals are formed since the first Industrial Revolution. This is how the system works. And in this scenario, there is little room to consider entrepreneurship as a virtuous way of working.


However, there is something very curious: in reality, all the productive structures that support the system are the product of entrepreneurial work, since all creation finally emerges from an undertaking.

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With the number of people who decide to undertake to be so few today, they still define the character of the civilization in which we live.

It only remains to imagine what the world would be like if this insignificant proportion of entrepreneurs doubled. Because even being a manifest minority it would change the face of the earth.

There is no foolish apology here. There is no desire to praise anyone. Entrepreneurship is essentially virtuous because it reflects the desire to do something that constitutes a collective benefit. Only to the extent that everyone benefits can the task be considered successful.

At this time, which already marks the transition between the third and fourth Industrial Revolution, human beings who cultivate entrepreneurship as a working system and way of life will be more necessary than ever.


The challenges facing the planet and humanity can only be solved with creativity and initiative, taking calculated risks that lead to evolution. This will not be achieved only through the development of existing organizations and their workforce. New propositions and different structures will be needed.

Many more people must decide to undertake. That they break the mental ties associated with the ancestral education system and accept the challenges that the future poses.

The possibility, the first mental key to entrepreneurship.-

Those millions of people who navigate the winding paths of employment and conventional work must understand something fundamental: entrepreneurship is a clear and concrete possibility for everyone.

There are no exceptional requirements. The undertaking is a verb, not a state. It is a way of understanding life based on purposeful action. Nothing more and nothing less.

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The current standards of education and cultural training have led many to believe that the Entrepreneur requires special conditions. That he takes unreasonable risks and adds uncertainty and insecurity to his life. This is not true, or at most, it is as true as with conventional work.

The only certainty about a job is that one day it will end. How much certainty can this represent? On the other hand, every employee subjects his condition to the probability that two simple words will dramatically change his status: “you are fired.” What kind of security exists in this reality?

Entrepreneurship is a universal POSSIBILITY. This is the first thing everyone should understand.

There are no crib conditions, neither education nor financial fortune. An entrepreneur can be anyone who decides to take the step and not look back. History is rich with examples of successful entrepreneurs who emerged from the most difficult living conditions that can be experienced.


Now, entrepreneurship is not only possible for anyone, because someone will say that finally, everything is possible in life. It is also a benign and virtuous option because it represents the desire to do something that benefits everyone.


Being aware of the POSSIBILITY, simple, clear, and concrete is the first and most important factor to multiply entrepreneurs in this world. Because it is precisely the possibility of being an entrepreneur that is subject to prejudice and psychological sanction.

Understanding the existence of the possibility, accepting it, and acting accordingly demands ATTITUDE.


Probability, the second mental key.

Now, the POSSIBILITY of undertaking exists for everyone, but another thing is the PROBABILITY of being successful in the endeavor. Both things are confused by the system.

The probability of succeeding in entrepreneurship is subject to many factors: the benefits of the business model, the use of opportunities, technical and emotional capacities, effort, tenacity, industry, etc.

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It is reasonable to assume that the chances of success of an endeavor are lower than those of a conventional job. The doomsayers of the system are not very wrong in this. But they sin by not pointing out equally that the bar is higher, and so are the rewards.

A serious mistake is made in presenting entrepreneurship as a magic formula to change states, achieve fortune, and have an enviable lifestyle. That is as false as denying its universal possibility.

Whoever decides to undertake also decides to adopt a very specific and special way of life, since they will have to adapt many things of their daily existence to the job. This comes at a cost, for sure! But nothing is achieved in this world without paying a price. There is no mystery in this either.


It is in the PROBABILITY of achieving success that efforts should be concentrated, not in denying the possibility. You have to consolidate the entrepreneurial mindset, knowledge, skills, techniques, etc. In this field, the training of young people and professionals should be focused, starting from the home and ending in any educational institution.


There is a false cultural debate regarding the possibility of entrepreneurship, and this undermines the necessary efforts to increase the chances of success in the trade.

Instead of making extreme efforts to train resources that nurture a stagnant work system, attention and care should be devoted to the training of future entrepreneurs. It is the only way to guarantee viability for the world that awaits.

Increasing the chances of success of entrepreneurial activity demands SKILLS.

These are the two mental keys to entrepreneurship: accepting the existence of universal possibility and understanding the need to increase the chances of success through training and education. As long as the first is not given, there will continue to be deficiencies in the second.


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