These Are The Careers That You Should Study So That You Never Lack Work (Word Of Bill Gates)

These Are The Careers That You Should Study So That You Never Lack Work (Word Of Bill Gates)
Bill Gates sees Science, Engineering, and Economics majors as ‘agents of change for all institutions© CordonPress


Bill Gates seems to have become the Nostradamus of the 21st century after his famous predictions, unthinkable until they have been fulfilled, such as that a great pandemic would devastate the world and that virtual medicine would be a reality (it has been since the outbreak of the coronavirus, precisely ). But no, the founder of Microsoft is not a fortune teller, but an excellent connoisseur of reality and, consequently, a great visionary. This ability to anticipate trends or the needs of the market and society is what led him to create the company that would make him a millionaire. Now, he is clear about the careers that young people should study to ensure a promising future; these are:

The pandemic has shown that scientific professions occupy a fundamental role in society ©GettyImages

1. Science

If the Covid pandemic has put something on the table, it is the evidence of a commitment to scientific research to face the great challenges that humanity faces in matters as divergent as medicine, climate change, and biology … It is nothing new, but now there are many governments and large companies that are betting on projects with a solid scientific basis. That has been what has saved us from the coronavirus with vaccines and also (why not say it) what has allowed some pharmaceutical companies to sign unprecedented millionaire agreements (for that they previously invested in research).

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2. Engineering

Now that there is so much talk about the metaverse and that artificial intelligence is increasingly a reality, engineering is the key to entering a completely new world and a labor market in which there is much more supply than demand. The right profiles are also so difficult to find that the salaries are well above what most workers can aspire to. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has also spoken in this regard, ensuring that studying engineering in the previous step to access the Artificial Intelligence sector, which will be much more present in the medium term.

2021 World Manufacturing Conference
Engineering is the gateway to the world of Artificial Intelligence, according to Elon Musk ©GettyImages

3. Economy

And if there is a necessary profile in any type of organization, it is that of someone who not only manages the accounts but also can see the opportunities and risks of the market before they even arise. That is why Gates opts for the Economics degree, since he is, together with Science and Engineering, “an agent of change for all institutions”.


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