10 Hints For Creative Packaging Ideas For Your Craft Delivery

10 Hints For Creative Packaging Ideas For Your Craft Delivery

Some products sell on their own, but most don’t, as evidenced by the presence of marketing departments around the country and the world. Most consumers will experience the packaging of a product before trying the product themselves!


Once the packer of a product no longer considers this fact, the importance of making the right choices in packaging becomes clear. You may not think much about how to package and ship your goods to the buyer, but it’s more important than you think!


These creative packaging ideas are the perfect motivation to make your customers feel special when they order something from your online store.


Why is packaging important? 

It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, but it is very important to be careful when packing your items! There are several reasons why you should be extra careful with how you package and ship your product.


  • This shows your customers that you are taking the extra step


  • This helps build customer loyalty and repeat orders


  • This makes the customer feel special and excited about taking their order


  • Help your brand stand out from millions of others


  • Reduced potential shipping breakdowns and fewer customer service issues


  • Inspire more positive feedback that can influence potential new buyers


These are just a few examples of why you might want to look at boring old boxes with quirky packaging ideas. The way you package your items has a big impact on reordering and more.

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Here are 10 tips for packing and shipping your order:

Once we understand why it’s important to learn how to package your product, here are a few tips to help you package and ship your order.


Label with love 

The first step is to make sure your product is branded. So some sellers don’t forget to tag their items! A simple sticker on the bottom of a jar, a label with your logo on an item of clothing … these little things remind people that you are a company and that you’ve come a long way in branding.


Labels can be made in several ways – professionally printed, custom printed, etc., etc.


Your personal label/box 

I once ordered a package from a crafts seller and it came in a box with the Amazon-branded logo … NO! Even though I love recycling, you don’t want to send another company to tag your customers! Order your shipping box and create your own shipping label to match your brand identity.


Use gift wrapping as inspiration for creative packaging ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to creatively wrap and ship products, one of the best sources is to look at the way people wrap gifts. Your product is a gift to a customer, so it’s a great way to add a special touch to the item.


Keep packaging costs within budget

You need to keep packaging costs within budget. Order wholesale items in reasonable quantities to save costs and consider placing wholesale orders.


Include personal notes with buyers

You don’t have to write a three-page letter – just thank you for your order note. This adds significantly to the value of an item, especially if you sell handmade products and are looking for creative Etsy packaging ideas.

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Add a few extras

It depends on what you are selling and at what price. However, think for a moment in the shipping box and get some ideas for what to add as a bonus to the item.


LOVE people get more than they expect and order, so it can be very rewarding! It doesn’t have to be a large item – it could be if you’re selling a personalized diary, for example, including a pen with your company name or something similar.


If you sell a jewelry pocket box, include a small package with special extras. Your customers will be happy with more than expected!


Do it well or find someone who can

I have to admit: I couldn’t package or package a product to save my life. Seriously, throughout the holidays, my gift was so poorly wrapped that it was a trademark my family wished for and a source of many internal jokes.


Needless to say, my crazy packing skills left a lot to be desired. So when I sell something online, I don’t package and package myself.


I have someone much more proficient in these skills to do it for me. Yes, I pay them for their work, which is an extra charge – but it makes a huge difference and is worth every penny in my opinion.

Follow your customers

When you have notified that the customer’s order has been shipped, contact them the next or second day after receiving the order to make sure they are satisfied with everything.


You may even want to follow up a few weeks later. Depending on what you’re selling, it may be appropriate to hit the base again in 2-3 weeks with an email saying something like, “Hope you enjoy your purchase!

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If you need anything, let me know. “You can then use this as an opportunity to invite them to join your mailing list or complete a survey.


It seems obvious, but I guarantee most sellers will NOT! This is especially important if you’re selling something like a template, guide, or tutorial.

Optimize the process

If you can, have a packing and delivery station ready in your home/office. This makes a huge difference in how you package your order and can save you a lot of time and keep you neat! It is important to be effective in what you do as it will help your business be more profitable.

Don’t complicate it

There are so many intricate packaging designs out there. While they look great on your computer screen, they are not necessarily the most practical.


For example, there are too many ribbons and laces and ribbons and your customer might chide you for trying to get something out of the box!


Unfortunately, this doesn’t just happen with handmade items. I just bought a coffee pot – it took me 30 minutes to get it out of the box and I’m not exaggerating!


Regular delivery is important because your customers want to get the product and use it right away.


Just do it and your packaging won’t have you swearing by the tape, wondering what’s wrong with their inability to open the box.


That extra step can go a long way!

We hope that after reading these ideas you’ll see some ways to take your packaging and shipping to the next level. These simple tips and ideas can help make your small handmade business shine.


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