Clothing Store Brilliance: 250 Eye-catching Names for Your Online Store

Clothing Store Brilliance: 250 Eye-catching Names for Your Online Store

Choosing names for online clothing stores is a challenge. The name is one of the elements that identify your brand, as well as the visual identity, and it is what will make you stand out from the competition.

Remembering the name of the company is essential for the traffic of your online store. Therefore, you must be creative to attract the attention of the public.

To do so, in addition to creativity, strategic vision is necessary. That is, the name of your store has to be to the objectives of your business.

Some entrepreneurs easily know how to name their clothing store. However, others have a lot of difficulty. It is necessary to stick to small details to make the right choice.

How to choose names for clothing stores

Now we are going to continue with some tips for brainstorming. It is simply a technique to come up with store name ideas.

Define your buyer persona

Your buyer persona is your ideal client. Therefore, the name should catch your eye by connecting with your interests, knowledge, and spending habits.

For example, while one public accepts more extroverted store names, another prefers more conservative names.

Think about your product

Once you have defined your buyer persona, think about the characteristics of the products or services you sell. They will surely help you come up with name ideas for your store.

Choose easy names

The store names you choose should be easy to remember. It does not mean that they must be very short, as it can happen that a name with few letters also generates difficulties.

You should still be careful with the use of foreign words. Depending on who your buyer persona is, they may not do well.

Also, avoid accents and symbols. As it is a virtual store, you will not be able to use them in the domain.

Use a platform to create store names

There are many platform options on the market. Look for a platform like Wix, for example, that already allows you to create your store name and domain.

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If you choose a platform that offers a hosting service, you can register your name with it. Also, you will have all the resources you need in one tool, which is very advantageous.

Analyze the names of your competition

As you should do, your competition has a defined buyer persona. It probably looks like yours. Therefore, it is important to analyze the types of names for stores that exist.

This study will help you define your name. You will understand the impact of your competition on consumers and avoid store names that remind them.

Don’t limit yourself

Although it is important to think about your product, remember that your business can grow. This way, you can sell more than just clothes and you can expand geographically.

Imagine that you can include accessories or shoes in your inventory, for example.

Be ready to go further!

check availability

When you have your options, check their availability. In addition to knowing if there is no domain similar to yours that could confuse your audience, you will find different possibilities for extensions.

  • .is
  • .eu
  • .com
  • .net
  • .tech
  • .on-line
  • .if you
  • .digital
  • .store

Where to create an online store

As we have mentioned, there are many platform options to create your store. Below we are going to talk about the best e-commerce platforms available on the market today.


Wix is ​​one of the most popular and complete platforms. It offers hosting, domain creation, unlimited product additions, digital marketing tools, and much more.

You don’t need any web development knowledge to create a store. The platform is very intuitive and simple, designed for users with little technical knowledge who want to have an online business.

Important features:

  • You can sell on different channels and manage your store in a single panel.
  • It is a professional and accessible online store that provides a good user experience.
  • It has advanced payment solutions that make it easy to check out.
  • It has modern design and professional solutions to optimize your sales.


It is a Brazilian platform that is very present in Latin America. Just like Wix, it provides you with a professional experience.

Its management is very intuitive and easy to understand and it also offers Hosting. It has many template options and different functions and tools for digital marketing.

It also has integrations for shipping, payments, sales channels, statistics, security, management, and communication.

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Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. It is also very intuitive, simple, and accessible.

The platform offers different models of modern and responsive professional stores. In other words, the pages are used and adapted to be seen from any device.

Its web hosting is its own and of high quality. It also has an application that allows you to manage your store from mobile devices. That is, you do it from wherever you are.


The platform started in Portugal and today it is also present in Latin America. Like the others, it is very intuitive and easy to use.

Jumpseller offers many resources and can be integrated with different sales channels. You can also be present on Facebook or Google Shopping, for example.

It is also important to take into account that it does not charge commission for transactions and it has multilingual support.


Its name reflects the facility we have to build a web page with its resources. In 3 steps, you do it: select your type of business, upload your content, and publish it.

With this platform, you can start your store with a very cheap plan. It provides us with many templates and resources. The most outstanding, there are the SEO tool and the responsive web design.

List of names for clothing stores

What kind of clothes are you going to sell? For women, men, children, or what?

We now give you lists of name ideas for clothing stores in different segments.


Names for women’s clothing stores

  • Divas
  • store
  • Icebreaker
  • bend the trend
  • Blackbird
  • bloom clothes
  • casting beads
  • lovely charlotte
  • castles
  • Sassy-Chic
  • Dope Couture
  • gimbels
  • C Penney
  • Jojo Siwa
  • Kohl’s
  • Mango
  • Marshall’s
  • XXL clothing
  • Primark
  • Uniqlo
  • dare to be
  • style dream
  • Sarah Boutique
  • Boutique Marya
  • cinderella wardrobe
  • classic curves
  • clear sky
  • clothes palette
  • seam of the day
  • daisy doo
  • Dandelion
  • Dragon-fly
  • fashion factory
  • Russell
  • lululemon
  • Closed
  • cross colors
  • benita
  • heidi says
  • in the ivy
  • Obsession
  • Jubilee Trends
  • Haunted Boutique
  • china clothes
  • alien hawk
  • Jim and Jago
  • jelly kelly
  • modern ride
  • 360 clothing
  • english factory
  • Bailey 44

Names for men’s clothing stores

  • Delhi styles
  • Jan clothes
  • Boutique Benedetto
  • Raven
  • San Lorenzo
  • sandy feet
  • Street style
  • Summer Haven
  • sun strip
  • Basket
  • Boutique Originals
  • snowdrop
  • Bou&You
  • BouBash
  • Club Men
  • Fine Force
  • mr mad
  • maddisson
  • yellow dash
  • epic touch
  • Urban Embrace
  • tricton
  • Triangle Hero
  • finnk
  • Brossoc
  • bad street
  • Zero Zed
  • Socialoft
  • fluo frintz
  • kris van
  • festwood
  • sew stetson
  • dewitt
  • Dellin De
  • Alf Arrow
  • cozway
  • Bouzerron
  • Joberbut
  • flint gray
  • Tassel
  • Monochrome
  • que
  • Abloh
  • oxxon
  • rockvock
  • Centerbend
  • Dragonill
  • sill
  • Influx
  • Pratt
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Names for unisex clothing stores

  • fandango
  • Vintage Shop
  • The Vintage Corner
  • store I want another
  • Pull&Bear
  • Second Hand Shop
  • COS
  • Radiant’s
  • Feedback
  • Wording
  • Sweet&Dandy
  • Chance Shop
  • Yoyo’s Little Shop
  • BOO
  • Mint
  • olokuti
  • Lola’s Store
  • Loreak Mendian
  • Store Pass it to me
  • The Vintage Wardrobe Store
  • Menchy’s Shop
  • Trends
  • Impact
  • 2Chance Store
  • Penthouse Vinta Shop
  • maty’s bazaar
  • Top USA
  • sea ​​anchor
  •  The White Company
  •  Estate
  • Store Rescue her
  • Juanco Store
  • Izaro’s
  • Peseta
  • Melyovo store
  • Geox
  • etham
  • The hanger
  • Factory
  • The Broken Arm
  • Fantastic Company
  • UK Look
  • Shop Behind the Dressing Room
  • Yevo’s Shop
  • unique
  • duplicates
  • Dr. Denim
  • fulham
  • Organic Fashion
  • Lautaro

Names for children’s clothing stores

  • infantin
  • Cheeky Kids
  • nature baby
  • my sweet muffin
  • baby clothes
  • Color Cube
  • Children’s Fashion
  • Kaleidoscope Clothes
  • Universe of Colors
  • Joe Fresh
  • Ginger
  • fingerpaintz
  • Fawne Shoppe
  • Forever
  • princess confections
  • Baby Cottons
  • stem baby
  • Gorgeous
  • seed inheritance
  • Poppy’s Closet
  • Petunia Pickle Bottom
  • catimini
  • crazy 8
  • Neck&Neck
  • good baby
  • blue jay
  • Blitz and Glitz
  • gocco
  • georgie boy
  • Children’s coordinates
  • Magic Cloak
  • Cheeky Clothing
  • Noah Sophia
  • Joeys and Jills
  • Dash On In
  • types of dad
  • cute cotton
  • moonsoon
  • Mini Boden
  • moms and dads
  • Naughty Fashion
  • Cheeky Kids
  • Fashion Kid
  • Cute & Child
  • Fashion King
  • under the Nile
  • tea collection
  • Tane Organics
  • zutano
  • chic boy

Names for sportswear stores

  • Torch Sports Shop
  • Olympic Sports
  • Versus Shop Sport
  • Sports Shop Trophies
  • Impulse Fit Shop
  • prometheus
  • podium
  • Victorem
  • Medal
  • Goal Sport
  • Olympiad
  • Record
  • medalist
  • Competence
  • agon
  • Hermes Sports
  • Jaguar
  • Ascension
  • triathlon
  • Jaduss Shop
  • DM Champions
  • The Medalist Shop
  • The sports center
  • Sportsman
  • paramount sports
  • Paragon Sports
  • wild mountain
  • elite sports
  • chill out sports
  • Sport spirit
  • Urban Sports
  • urban star
  • Sports Ethics
  • move on
  • Alpha Beta Sports
  • sports study
  • Sports Valley
  • sport planet
  • Sports World
  • fast sports
  • Ignitex Sports
  • Products
  • two storms
  • Gravity
  • essences
  • sportsman spirit
  • High Sports Fashion
  • jack sports
  • Epic Sports
  • Intimate

Moment of the election

After coming up with name ideas for your store, you will need to choose one. Remember the details: buyer persona, simplicity and ease, competition analysis, and availability.

We hope that the list of names and tips has helped you in this challenge.


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