Why Don’t I Have Friends If I’M A Good Person?

Why Don’t I Have Friends If I’M A Good Person?

Social relationships are very important. It may happen that at a certain moment, a person feels alone and without friends. The first thing to avoid in this type of case is to make deductions for the future. That is, not having friends in the present is not synonymous with not having them in the future. What are the reasons why a person may not have friends? In this buzzbongo article, we are going to answer your question “Why don’t I have friends if I’m a good person?”. We will discover the most common causes and how you can solve this situation so that you are not alone.

Why I have no friends: the most common causes

If you have ever wondered why you don’t have friends, you must do an internal self-inspection and analyze attitudes and situations in your life that could have made you stay alone. Here we discover the most common reasons why you do not have friends:

Have neglected relationships

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, a person can distance himself from his old friends by focusing too much on work matters. Other people also tend to put aside their friendships when they are in a relationship. In this way, people distance themselves as they do not feel valued and frequently obtain a response of indifference from the other. Friendships that are not cultivated tend to disappear.

Solitary character

Each person has a way of being and this also conditions the vision that a person has of friendship. Some people have a very solitary character and enjoy autonomous and independent plans more than spaces shared with others. However, it should be remembered that it is very healthy to have spaces where you can share experiences with others.

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Attitude errors

It’s possible not to have friends because of attitudinal mistakes that undermine long-term personal relationships. For example, intolerance is a possible attitude. Similarly, the role of the victim also alienates others. The arrogance of one who constantly competes with others to reaffirm his desire for superiority. The individualist goes about his business and does not assume that friendship is also commitment.

Low self-esteem

The lack of friends can also be linked to low self-esteem in which the person has a distorted image of himself. This can prevent you from making the effort or encouragement to be intimate with people because you are constantly comparing yourself or feeling inferior. All this takes its toll on personal relationships and ends up making people isolated and lonely.

Why Don't I Have Friends If I'M A Good Person?

I have no real friends

Another the usual situation is not so much that you do not have friends but that, deep down, you know that those friends are not real. True friendship is one in which you know you have someone by your side who will help you in bad times but who will also be there in good times. And it is that many times when we are bad we have a retinue of people around us but, when we are well and want to make plans and go out for a while, we feel alone.

Therefore, true friends are those who are there for the bad, yes, but also for the good. People with whom, in short, you share a large number of moments in your life and who are people you know you can count on for almost everything.

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If you feel that this type of friendship does not exist in your life, the reason may be that you have become accustomed to cultivating somewhat more superficial relationships. If so, we recommend that you turn your life around and start making these changes :

  • Become more intimate with your friends: A good way to try to have real friends is to take advantage of the friends you already have to try having a more intimate and personal relationship. To do this, choose the person with whom you feel most in tune and close and propose to go for a coffee, take a walk or enjoy an activity just the two of you. In this way, you can interact outside the circle of friendship and begin to establish a more authentic relationship.
  • Meet new people: It is also important that you expand your current circle of friends, especially if you do not think there are any with whom you can strengthen ties. To do this, you can sign up to do some leisure activities, such as dance classes, a hiking club, etc.
  • Dedicate time to friendships: to have real friends, we recommend that you make an effort and pay attention to them. A relationship, whatever its type, has to take care of itself, water itself, and pamper itself. Therefore, send a message or make a phone call to see how the week was going, try to meet that person regularly, and take an interest in their life. With these small gestures, you will be able to take care of your friends and, little by little, they will become true friendships.
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Why Don't I Have Friends If I'M A Good Person?

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