23 Pages Similar To Fiverr in Spanish and English—Legitimate And Scams

23 Pages Similar To Fiverr in Spanish and English—Legitimate And Scams

After the boom of mini-service platforms, with Fiverr at its head, sites similar to Fiverr have tried to jump in and take at least a piece of the pie.

The harsh truth: Most have failed—and of these Fiverr-like pages, there are none with one-tenth of visitors.

They have tried to clone her, but none come close.

However, like all platforms, Fiverr once started at 0 and managed to climb to the top—and those who took the risk early on are seeing the rewards today.

What do I want to tell you about that? From these pages, any could grow quickly and if you are in early, although it represents a greater risk, the reward can be greater.

Without further ado, let’s see them starting with the ones in our language: Spanish.

Pages Similar To Fiverr — In Spanish

Fiverr Similar Pages: Geniuzz

Geniuzz: It has been the closest thing to ‘success’ in the Spanish-speaking market.

It is the only mini-service platform in Spanish that appears to be active, although sellers complain about its high commission of 30%, it is still standing.

Warning: I have received many complaints from Geniuzz claiming that it is a scam and does not pay. Read Geniuzz reviews before signing up.

Microworkers: This is another one of the few pages still up but sadly, it appears to be underpopulated and dying.








Wow…I’m sorry I let you down.

I have realized that in a blog titled, ‘pages similar to fiverr that have failed’ I would have more to talk about … unfortunate the case.

Let’s continue with…

Pages Similar To Fiverr In English (Those That Do Work)

PeoplePerHour: It is one of the best platforms for freelancers for a long time and has the advantage that you can offer both mini-services and long-term services with jobs that frequently apply. It’s the European mix of Upwork and Fiverr.

Konker: It is a mini-services platform that, although it has all the ranges available, has as its main focus search engine optimization (or SEO).

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If you know about content optimization, ‘keywords’, web speed… backlinks, internal linking, and more, it is a very good alternative. (If not, don’t worry…I don’t know much about it either.)

Fivesquid: The Fiverr version of England: equally with its emblem of mini services from 5 coins.

You can find pretty much any service here…and hey! Look on the bright side: £GBP5 is just over $5.

Envato Studio:  It is a platform that focuses on graphic design and development services, although a few years ago they expanded writers as well.

It is a much more premium platform than Fiverr. Designs and services are usually paid for $50 – $200 but freelancers must apply and be selected to start selling.

Zeerk:  Other of platforms have services starting from $3 (as if $5 were not enough already).

Something that if the difference is that the payment is direct to your Paypal or Payoneer account and there are no delays or waiting, the commission is 10% and despite having been founded years ago, it is one of those that remains active in its respective social networks.

Warrior Forum: This is not a market…but it does have a services market.

Originally it is a forum to discuss digital marketing. If you specialize in skills like SEO, Copywriting, or anything related to digital marketing, this is an opportunity to look at.

They have more than a million users and a section of their forum dedicated to posting services (although if you want more visibility, you will have to pay for a premium version.)

Other Attempts (More Or Less) Failed

SEOclerks: This is one of the most famous platforms related to Seo services. It is a legitimate page, however, there are many comments on the web from clients having bad experiences and freelancers being banned.

I understand that many of the services they offer are not recommended and violate services (like links in quantity, likes on FB, etc.) but if you offer a legitimate service I don’t think there is a problem, take a look.

Microworkers: This is even easier than mini-services. As their name says, they are microservices.

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They are much simpler tasks that you can complete in minutes or even seconds. But of course, they pay pennies on the dollar to perform. In any case, within the platform, they say they have long-term opportunities.

Look at an example:

Damongo: This is a platform with workers mainly from Africa. From what I can see, you have a request from a buyer from a week ago and a few offers.

It seems to be (more or less) active and although like SEO clerks, there seem to be a lot of unsuitable services, there may be some opportunity. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I would try it (you never know).

SellGigs:  Another Fiverr clone, it appears to be new and the services that sell the most are those related to social networks and SEO. From what I can tell, the sellers I see have several sizable reviews and appear to be a legitimate opportunity.

Little is said about this page on the web:  there is nothing negative going around… but nothing positive either. Try it at your risk.

Fiverr Similar Pages: GigBucks

Gigbucks: Even though many sites claim that it is one of the Fiverr-like pages, they are not transparent with the date of the ratings posted. So it cannot be confirmed if there are customers actively buying on the platform.

On top of that, the sellers claim that after selling a few services, they got their accounts banned.

Tenrr: (Wow, what an original name!). Well…

The ‘free’ alternative to Fiverr. This is a mini-services platform that claims to be different by not charging commissions or payments… ever.

Now. is that a good thing? Not necessarily. If they don’t make money, it means they don’t collect money to advertise and acquire more customers and they don’t have customer service staff in case there are problems. In addition, his social networks have not been updated since 2013.

Fourrer:Once again we have a cancer of creativity.

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But hey the same Fiverr concept starting from $4. However, they are not continuously promoting their page on Twitter or Facebook, and sellers have claimed to ONLY receive their money (which they shouldn’t) when they contact customer service. Not recommended.

Fiverrup: Other pages similar to Fiverr that are practically cloned.

Despite looking good, they have advertisements that tell me that they are not generating enough money and according to some forum posts, customers have had a bad experience buying from this one. If no one buys, there is no one who sells.

Conclusion: 23 Pages Similar to Fiverr in Spanish and English—Legitimate And Scams

These are just a few of the Fiverr-like pages that ‘apparently’ are still alive today —although many are dying. I have done my best to determine the legitimate opportunities and indicate them here

I hope you found some valuable opportunity in this post, and that the mini-services market hasn’t let you down like I did after researching so many Fiverr-like sites and realizing that none compare—except for Peopleperhour.

Fiverr continues to be the best alternative for both buyer and seller and has remained #1 for over 5 years. It is the only one where you can easily offer (or buy) your services with the confidence that everything will work fine.


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