7 Hints for Working from Home | COVID-19 Resources for Small Businesses

7 Hints for Working from Home | COVID-19 Resources for Small Businesses

Working from home can be a challenge in itself, especially if you are used to working in certain office spaces. Not to mention that the COVID-19 pandemic can make it even more complicated if you are currently forced to work from home.


To help a community of entrepreneurs, colleagues, small business owners, and everyone in between, dailysmallbiznews for Innovation and Entrepreneurship offers some helpful homeworkers tips and a variety of resources to help small businesses survive.


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Work-from-home Tips


Set a morning routine

Whether your ideal morning looks like a run through the neighborhood followed by breakfast or catching up on the news while you sip your coffee, make sure you have an enjoyable morning routine to motivate you for the day.


With less of the hustle and bustle of getting to work, take a moment for yourself in the morning instead of hopping on the computer right away. 


Designate your workspace

Having a designated workspace is the best way to stay focused and motivated while you work. As enticing as it may sound to switch up your arrangement, like moving your laptop to the couch, it can cause less productivity and much more distraction.


Plus, it’s best to keep work as separate from home as possible. Let the couch be your spot for the post-work Netflix binge. 

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Business as usual

Work hours are work hours. Working from home doesn’t mean you get to take extra time off, but it also doesn’t mean you should work 12 hours a day.


Remember that you can always wrap things up on a project tomorrow and that sometimes you need a fresh take on things the next morning.

Take breaks

A normal workday calls for breaks. Just because you are at home doesn’t mean work is easier, so allow yourself time to destress, call a friend, grab some food or get some fresh air.


It’ll be better for your productivity, mind, and body. Don’t forget to look away from your screen every once in a while to stay sane and stay healthy.



Communication is key in any setting, especially when working from home. Never feel like your weekly webcam meetings are where the office communication has to stop.


At a time like this, there is no such thing as over-communicating about plans or problems. Email and call your coworkers often, and maybe suggest your team uses communication tools like Slack (if they don’t already). Everyone is in this together.


Stay connected

While work-oriented communication is important, so are your usual office conversations. Remember to stay connected with your coworkers about all of the things you usually talk about, like must-see movies, funny stories, or how your 10-year-old is begging for an iPhone.


The people who make your workday fun might not be a desk over, but they’re just a call or text away.

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Take advantage of being home

If working from home is not your thing, stay positive and find the benefits of your situation. Now that you’re home all day, there are ways to make your vacation more enjoyable by taking a walk or roasting your dog.


Not to mention, you can put your dinner in the oven earlier than 19:00. once and bring the music as loud as you want. Despite the challenges of working from home, find ways to make it more fun every day.


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