More Than 120 Business Ideas To Start In 2023

More Than 120 Business Ideas To Start In 2023

A new year begins with endless opportunities to achieve our goals, and nothing better than starting the new year by setting ourselves new challenges.

If one of your purposes for this year or next year is to start your own business, but you have not yet chosen the idea that you are going to undertake, then we share with you a complete selection of more than 120 business ideas with great possibilities of success for this new year.

There are businesses of various types, from different industries and for all tastes. It is only a matter of you analyzing the different options and taking as a reference the idea that you are most passionate about so that you can start working on it right now.

I hope you find some interesting ideas and that this year is full of success in your business initiatives.

Let’s get started!


Sustainable business ideas

1. Purchase of obsolete gadgets: The increase in the demand for electronic devices has generated a great environmental problem since more and more tons of electronic waste is produced. However, it is also an opportunity. The idea is to buy disused devices at a low price and restore them to sell them second-hand or take advantage of their components in good condition.


2. Green construction: Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact that their actions generate on the environment, which is why they are concerned about purchasing eco-sustainable products. This idea consists of designing, producing, distributing, and marketing construction materials made from recycled elements or using ecological materials, thus offering an environmentally sustainable alternative for those people or organizations that want to build their homes or offices, reducing the environmental impact that generates.


3. Biodegradable diapers: Design and sale of ecological diapers with colored covers filled with an interchangeable absorbent material that takes a maximum of 150 days to biodegrade (compared to 500 years for a conventional diaper). Disposable inserts can be flushed down the toilet or composted. Also, you can offer your customers the possibility of returning the covers in good condition once they are no longer needed to be even more eco-friendly.


4. Eco-chic fashion: If you are passionate about fashion and caring for the environment, you can design, produce, and market t-shirts, watches, sunglasses, and other accessories made from recyclable products, such as PET bottles, plastic, and reclaimed wood. Your main market is young people interested in environmental conservation and social commitment, so an ideal sales channel for this type of proposal is the Internet.


5. Paper jewelry: Taking into account the large amounts of paper that are discarded each year, a second use that can be given to this material is to make accessories (earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and headdresses) from the technique of filigree. The concept is very attractive among young women interested in fashion and the eco-friendly trend. Tip: cover your creations with an acrylic layer to guarantee their good condition even when in contact with water.


6. Biodegradable cleaning products: A person consumes up to 20 kilos of detergent per year and invests up to 50 liters of water per minute each time they wash dishes. The irrational use of cleaning products generates 20% of the agents that reduce the oxygen levels in the water and that makes it impossible to treat it to make it drinkable; therefore, more and more consumers are choosing environmentally friendly options. Here the idea is to produce and market cleaning and personal care liquids that are biodegradable.


7. Ecological vehicles: The business of ecological vehicles, such as electric vehicles and bicycles, are a very profitable opportunity. European countries are the main precursors of this type of transport. Some governments have required its use, and whoever has a conventional vehicle must pay additional taxes. Some of the entrepreneurial ideas are renting and selling bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, and electric taxis.


8. Green business advisor: Companies have found it necessary to adapt their production and marketing processes to be environmentally sustainable. In this context, the figure of the “Green Business Advisor” arises as a professional specialized in helping entrepreneurs and organizations to comply with environmental regulations. This professional must master topics such as reverse logistics, circular economy, sustainable business models, etc.


9. Reuse of cartridges: Toner and ink cartridges contain highly polluting substances (copper, rubber, aluminum, and steel) which, when in contact with salts from other waste, become acids that are harmful to health and the environment. In addition, its components are derived from petroleum and, therefore, do not degrade. For a decade, refilling cartridges has been a source of savings for companies and users in general, as well as a socially responsible and environmentally friendly action.


10. Eco-friendly packaging: Single-use plastics pose a major environmental problem, which is why more and more people and organizations are choosing to do without their use and resort to ecological alternatives. The idea is to produce and market cups, cutlery, plates, bags, and other types of packaging from biodegradable materials. Your main market is homes, offices, restaurants, and hotels.


11. Cemetery and crematorium services for pets: When a pet dies, the most sensible thing is to treat the corpse properly, since throwing it in the street or throwing it around can generate bad odors and contamination. Also, we must bear in mind that pets have become more members of modern families, so many people would like to say goodbye to their faithful companions by giving them one last dignified goodbye. In this context, pet cemeteries fulfill a social task of great importance.


12. Start a veterinary clinic: Although it is true that it is a somewhat common business, it is also true that with small details we can start an innovative veterinary clinic that attracts the attention of customers. Thinking about offering medical insurance for pets, home delivery, online consultation, and other complementary services can make your clinic the preferred one in the market.


13. Pet clothing and accessories business: A rather curious idea, but one that becomes very profitable. Pet owners can pay a good amount of money to dress their pets to their liking. Focus on producing comfortable clothes, and don’t forget that user experience is a paramount issue these days. Also, it is important to take advantage of seasons such as Halloween, Christmas, and others to surprise your customers.


14. Pet photography: Professionally capturing those unique moments lived next to your pets is an idea that will delight more than one. There are several interesting options to take advantage of in this field, it is just a matter of having a lot of creativity and knowing the techniques to take unforgettable photos.


15. Pet food store: The idea is to create a store where we sell healthy and delicious food for animals. Focus on offering nutritious food that guarantees the normal and healthy development of the animals. This market is so interesting that even in recent years restaurants dedicated to offering food for pets have emerged.


16. Dog diapers: Sound curious? Well, imagine how many people would be willing to put a diaper on their furry friends instead of cleaning their “business”. It is a somewhat innovative business that will surely interest more than one.


17. Pet bakery: The idea is to set up a business where cakes, sweets, ice cream, snacks, birthday cakes, and other similar products specially made to captivate animals are sold. A great challenge, but without a doubt, it is an idea with great projection.


18. Trained dog rental: A business designed for those people who do not have the necessary time to dedicate to a pet but who from time to time want to have the company of a friend who, with their barking, allows them to distract themselves a bit from the routine. There are several ideas around this business, you just have to put a lot of creativity into it to design an attractive value proposition, and always remember that the fundamental thing is respect for animals.


19. Luxury Services for Pets: It consists of offering services such as a spa, gym, hotel, swimming pool, hairdresser, parties, etc. The opportunities are varied and it is a very profitable industry if we find a segment of customers interested in providing unique experiences to their loyal friends.


20. Wooden houses for dogs: Designing and manufacturing wooden houses with a lot of creativity can become a more than interesting business. This a great opportunity to combine your creativity and carpentry skills with your passion for animals.


Novel business ideas

21. Ice cream for adults: Let your imagination fly and create different combinations of ice cream with tequila, mezcal, wine, vodka, or any other spirit. You can offer the products in your store, in a cart, at home, or at events.


22. Restaurant that offers new shopping experiences through technology: If you are passionate about gastronomy and technology, start a restaurant that, in addition to delicious dishes, offers shopping experiences supported by technological tools. Develop a system with which diners can pay online and generate a QR code on their smartphone so they can pick up their order at any branch in your network. Your consumers will be technology users who appreciate the convenience of healthy, quick-prepared food.


23. Alcoholic Shakes: Explore creating options of chocolate or strawberry-flavored milk with vodka mix, or lemonade with tequila. There are many flavors you can play with. Remember to create attractive packaging to seduce your customers.


24. Fitness Online: These days, lack of time and busy schedules can prevent us from going to a sports center or gym. However, thanks to technology, it is possible to exercise from the comfort of home, so teaching online classes on different platforms such as YouTube or Zoom can be a great business opportunity. Some alternatives to explore are our self-defense classes, Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, Zumba, etc…

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25. Virtual gift tables: Create a website that allows your customers to make wish lists for different events where, instead of receiving physical gifts, they get the monetary value of it in a bank account. Your profit will come from the collection of commissions on the amount that users receive. Your potential customers are getting married couples, soon-to-be parents, birthdays, and graduates.


26. Services for the elderly: Surely you are aware that the population of the elderly is constantly growing, in addition to the fact that people are now living longer thanks to new technologies and the advances that have been made in medicine. Some ideas to take advantage of this trend: offer travel services for the elderly have a service for elderly caregivers, advice or classes in computer areas for them, health services and home care, social events for the elderly, etc.
Starting a business in this area can be rewarding, both socially and financially.


27. Aquaponic greenhouses: Develop an urban greenhouse combined with fish tanks. The plants feed on the water with the waste from the fish and then the liquid, once purified by the plants, is returned to the fish tanks. Your market is those interested in products of natural origin. It is a sustainable and commercially viable alternative to producing food in cities.


28. Exotic Food Kits: Offers culinary adventures by selling packages with spices, recipes, and even drink and music recommendations to prepare exotic dishes, with the convenience of including the exact amount of ingredients. Your customers will be people used to cooking who are looking to enjoy new culinary experiences. Your sales channels are the Internet and gourmet stores.


29. Eco-Autolavado: If we talk about water, we can refer to the misuse that is given to it, the pollution that damages it, its waste, or, above all, its scarcity. Therefore, undertaking an ecological car wash involves, among other things, having better control and limiting the use of water, as well as using cleaners that absorb grease and dirt impregnated on vehicle surfaces and using biodegradable supplies.


30. Furniture for small spaces: The idea is to make folding furniture that saves space for those who seek to optimize the rooms and small rooms in their houses or apartments. You need adequate design and manufacturing and distribution capacity. Sell ​​them online, in your store, or through furniture stores.


Businesses to start from home

31. Start a stationery store: The sale of stationery and office supplies has a wide market made up of students, teachers, and professionals. It is an industry that moves a lot of money every month, especially during the school season when sales skyrocket for logical reasons. If you aim at the sale of organic products, you will stand out in the market.


32. Open a healthy restaurant: Although it is one of the most traditional businesses, the fact focusing on healthy food will help you to be relevant. You can create alliances with gyms and health institutions to reach more customers and retain them.


33. Offer digital business consulting services: If you are a professional with great knowledge and experience in digital issues, then you can generate good income by offering advice and consulting services. You don’t need great things to start, just a lot of desire and adapting a space to receive and serve your customers. Using the Internet you can reach customers from all over the world without leaving home.


34. Start a recycling microbusiness: There are many opportunities in this industry, remember that today’s society is increasingly concerned about its environment and there will be a strong growth trend in this type of business.


35. Open a mini-supermarket: Small shops or stores will never go out of style. The keys are to have a good location and offer a service full of kindness so that customers prefer your mini-supermarket over others.


36. Offer language classes online: If you master more than one language and are passionate about teaching, you can choose to give language classes online. The idea is that you organize your calendar and offer the service through your favorite video call tool.


37. Start a candle and candle manufacturing business: There are several options. You can make decorative, aromatic candles, for special dates, etc.


38. Set up an ice cream parlor with exotic flavors: Nothing better for hot days than being able to enjoy a good ice cream. There are different production techniques (artisanal, industrial, semi-industrial, etc.), choose the one that suits you best and start with homemade recipes or recipes found on the Internet. Over time you can acquire machinery to increase production levels and thus reach larger markets. Don’t be afraid to explore exotic flavors, as consumers love to try new things.


39. Start your clothing workshop: The textile industry is a good alternative for those who are passionate about design and want to impose their own style. You can start making from home and, depending on the success of your products, you can expand and implement industrial production techniques.


40. Create your own online store: Internet businesses usually require low investment and have a large potential market. You can set up an e-commerce site to sell your own products or those of a third party.


41. Organization of Parties and Events: In leisure and fun there is also money and the organization of events or parties is a very good alternative to undertake. A good idea is to focus on a specific market, for example, parties and events for children, youth, adults, women, etc. Look for the sector that best suits your interests or in which you see the greatest chance of success.


Home delivery businesses

42. Educational toys by subscription: Parents constantly worry about providing their children with tools and toys to stimulate their learning while having fun. This business consists of selling themed toys and accessories (music, dinosaurs, colors, art, science, etc.) through a monthly subscription model, that is, parents pay a regular fee and receive a package at home every month with new educational games for their children.


43. Health and beauty club: The idea is to create subscription plans so that users receive monthly health and beauty kits with launches and samples tailored to their needs. The added value lies in the fact that customers receive their orders at the door of their homes or office.


44. Protection to the door: There are still those who avoid buying condoms in broad daylight out of shame or lack of confidence. With this market in mind, it offers a home delivery service for these products. Enable a Web page where the customer can order the amount and brands they want, as well as pay online to receive their order in the comfort (and discretion) of their home. You can also create subscription plans.


45. Car maintenance: Design a model of assistance and technical service at home, helping your customers save time by not having to take or pick up their car from the workshop. An advantage of this model is that you do not require a local to operate.


46. Subscription food: Considering the modern pace of life, many people do not have time to cook or think about what to eat every day. This business seeks to be a solution for these people, offering them the possibility of putting together a subscription plan according to their schedules, tastes, and eating habits. You would take care of bringing the client to his home or office every day with a delicious, healthy, and nutritious meal.


47. Fashion without leaving home: Online purchases of clothing and accessories are on the rise. Take advantage of this trend by creating a website that offers consumers the possibility of dressing in fashion and with clothes that flatter them, being advised by fashion experts via video call. Once the client chooses the garments of his preference, you take care of taking them to the door of his house.


50. Online Health: Every day everyone has one or another health problem and would love to be able to easily consult a specialist to act appropriately and on time. Create a platform where anyone can consult online with specialists in different areas (dermatology, psychology, gynecology, pediatrics, etc). Your income comes from the collection of a commission for each service that is reserved from your platform.


51. Ecological orders: People appreciate their time, which is why “order” services with home delivery have become very popular. One way to differentiate yourself in this market is to move away from cars and motorcycles and offer environmentally sustainable delivery, collection, and parcel options, using green vehicles.


52. Well-equipped moms: Create a platform where mothers can access a wide range of products (clothing, cosmetics, personal care, etc.) for themselves and their babies throughout the pregnancy process and after childbirth, having the possibility to receive their orders without leaving home. Take care that the articles are adapted to the moment in which your pregnancy is or to the age of the baby.


53. Chef at home: An interesting service that would allow people to hire a chef to cook for them at home. You can create an online platform and categorize chefs based on the types of food they prepare.


B2B service business

54. Consultancies for small companies: Generally, consultancies are aimed at large companies; however, small businesses also require support on various issues related to production, finance, management, and marketing. An excellent way to enter this market is by allying yourself with institutions that support micro-entrepreneurs. Also, you can take advantage of digital tools so that your services are scalable.


55. Carry out feasibility studies and research for entrepreneurs: Much of the success of a business is based on the ability to detect relevant market opportunities. If you specialize in market research, you can offer services such as consulting, developing marketing plans, selling trend reports, and creating marketing tools.


56. Business plan writing services: A business plan is a fundamental tool for companies seeking to access financing or that are in a growth stage. The idea is to offer advice or writing service so that they can make effective use of the tool.

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57. Consulting and brand management: Do you have experience in branding? Then you can start a business consulting company on how to build a brand and manage it effectively.


58. Logo Design: All companies need a logo that identifies them in the market and helps them position themselves in the mind of the consumer. Although it is a service with a lot of competition, the key is to keep abreast of business trends to offer customers a service that adds value.


59. Social Media Consulting: Social networks are essential in the marketing strategies of any company, as they allow them to create a direct connection with their customers. However, many companies do not know how to effectively manage their social networks, which is why the opportunity opens up to offer the service of advising them on the design and execution of their strategies.


60. Employee selection and hiring services: The employee recruitment, selection, and hiring processes are quite cumbersome, as well as delicate, which is why companies prefer to outsource them. You can start in this business through the creation of a human talent management agency or by developing digital tools that help companies optimize their hiring processes.


61. Services related to accounting: The accounting area is another of the essential areas in any organization. You can offer the service of outsourcing accounting management or create tools for companies to manage their accounting.


62. Press and Writing Services: Getting free publicity is something every business owner wants, but only a few know how to get it. If you’re talented at writing press releases, why not charge business owners a fee to help increase brand recognition through public media? Here you have a great market to undertake.


63. Event management: Companies are constantly holding their own events or participating in third-party events: product launches, ceremonies, trade fairs, social days, special dates, etc. Create a company specialized in the organization and management of corporate events. Your commitment is to ensure that your clients get the most out of every event they hold or participate in.


Custom product business

64. Unforgettable experiences: Giving experiences as a gift is a growing trend and more and more companies are emerging that organize unusual activities that people can book or give to their loved ones. The idea is that customers can enjoy unique and personalized experiences according to their interests.


65. Tailor-made fashion: Undoubtedly, clothing is one of the elements that helps project personality, which is why tailored garments are highly appreciated by those who seek to define their style. The key is to target underserved niches with suits, dresses, and other clothing for those who aren’t comfortable in traditional clothing. Make your products on request and design them based on different color preferences, shapes, and sizes.


66. Corporate gifts: Companies want to retain their customers and are constantly looking for details to surprise them. Offering the service of creating personalized corporate gifts is an excellent way to help companies in their loyalty goals. Products such as USB sticks, t-shirts, caps, calendars, watches, etc. can be offered.


67. Menu to taste: When it comes to food, people can be very selective about what they like and what they don’t. So why not give them the option of putting together their own dish according to their tastes? It offers an extensive menu that allows diners to mark their preferences for proteins, cheeses, toppings, sauces, and bread, to name a few. The options are many.


68. Wines from your own table: A great opportunity is to specialize in the personalization of wine labels and bottles. Your clients will be boyfriends who are going to get married to restaurants, hotels, and companies that are going to hold corporate events, or even individuals who want to make a special gift. Allow your customers to choose between different designs and categories (white, red, rosé, sparkling, etc.)


69. Unique toys: If you are targeting the children’s market, you can involve children in the making of their stuffed animals, allowing them to choose the doll (bears, dogs, cats, rabbits, people, etc.), the sounds it will make, its name and even the clothes and accessories that you will wear. In addition, you have the possibility of generating extra income by making different collectible and interchangeable clothes.


70. Design of children’s clothing, accessories, and decoration objects with a modern style: The idea is to offer parents options so that their children are fashionable. You can sell your creations both in a physical store and online and make home deliveries. Another good idea is to sell images and iron-on letters to mothers so that they can personalize their little ones’ clothes to their liking.


71. Personalized notebooks: Allow your clients (individuals and companies) to design their ideal notebooks, using the Internet as your best ally. They simply complete an online form to choose the front and back with their own photos and the number of pages, among others, to create a unique product that is sent by parcel.


72. Branded sweets: Customers are not just children; More and more companies seek to offer chocolates, sweets, and chocolates as part of their promotional campaigns. Serve this niche by offering wrappers that adapt to the needs of your customers so that they can select from the material, size, and shape of the packaging.


73. Sale of personalized products: This business consists of offering customers the possibility of creating personalized designs for mugs, t-shirts, albums, calendars, cell phone covers, wallets, and backpacks.


Ideas for starting a small business

74. Accessories/accessories/jewelry store: It is a very popular type of business, but it does not go out of style. The key is to be very creative and constantly create new proposals to surprise customers.


75. Sporting goods store: The sports industry is a very broad sector. You can create a business aimed at offering products related to a specific sport and thus it will be easier for you to position yourself.


76. Furniture and decoration trade: If you want to start in this business, we recommend you focus on a specific type of client. For example, you can specialize in furniture and decoration for offices or homes.


77. Floristry: Flowers are highly demanded as details or for events. You can innovate with packaging or design bouquets according to themes.


78. Baby Goods Store: Parents don’t skimp when it comes to the comfort and safety of their babies. The key here is to offer a wide catalog so that parents can enjoy exploring product options to pamper their young children.


79. Craft Business: People appreciate everything handmade. You can innovate by creating accessories with great symbolic value to seduce your customers.


80. Playful items store: The idea is to market products that help learn while having fun. Your market is parents, educational institutions, or teachers.


81. Jewelry: It is a very traditional business, but in which you can innovate by playing with materials, packaging, and designs. Also, it is key to build stories or a symbolic value around the products.


82. Decoration shop: In the decoration sector there is a wide variety of businesses: from shops to interior design studios. If you are passionate about decoration, here is a great opportunity to help homes or businesses.


83. Laundry: It is a highly demanded business model because many people prefer to delegate the work of washing their clothes. It is key to provide security and confidence to the client so that they are loyal.


Business ideas for passionate people

84. Sale of products for cat lovers: The idea is to create a store specializing in articles, food, accessories, and other innovative products and services to pamper cats, which are already part of the family.


85. Theme coffee shops specializing in desserts: Coffee and dessert lovers are a very loyal market to those businesses that make an effort to offer them a pleasant atmosphere. You can take inspiration from an emblematic musical group or literary genre to create dishes, decorations,s and the entire theme of your cafeteria so that you attract your followers. You can even set up an area for tribute bands to play or invite featured authors.


86. Sports Apps: Develop mobile applications for people who practice sports or exercise. The idea is that these applications are a tool that helps them achieve their goals.


87. Products for home exercise: Many people do not have the time to go to a gym or the space to install large machines in their homes. What is the solution? Offer them multi-purpose training machines adapted for small spaces.


88. Virtual events: Through the Internet, a wide variety of experiences related to art, music, sports, culture, and entertainment can be offered. The idea is to charge for live access to the event, but you can also generate extra income with the sale of related products or the possibility of having the event recorded once it is over.


89. Coffee-related products: Those who enjoy coffee also often buy related products, such as coffee pots and patterned mugs. However, to captivate them you must surprise them with an innovative proposal. Be very creative.


90. Libraries for socializing: Literature lovers love to discuss their favorite works. Create spaces where readers can discover new books and connect with other people to share their tastes and interests.


91. Sale of personalized bicycles: Cycling is one of the sports that has grown the most in recent years, so there is a large market demanding all kinds of related products and services. This idea is to allow the customer to customize their bike to take their style everywhere.


92. Independent movie theaters: The big problem with traditional cinemas is that they only show the most commercial films, so they ignore major productions by independent directors. This business consists of focusing on those productions that have no place in traditional cinemas but do have niche fans who would love to enjoy movies in a comfortable environment.

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93. Desserts: A dessert business does not sound very innovative, but it can be if you dare to explore textures and flavors. The idea is to surprise dessert fans with unique combinations. Try different alternatives of forms of production and presentations to seduce customers through all their senses.


94. Sports activities and events: Each sport has its own market. Tournaments and different types of events can be organized to bring athletes together around their passion.


95. Cultural tourism agency: The idea is to create a company in charge of organizing routes, itineraries, trips, and all kinds of activities aimed at tourists interested in living cultural experiences.


96. Organization of extracurricular activities: The service developed by this business is the occupation of children’s leisure and free time, offering various educational, entertainment, recreational, and sports activities.


97. Karaoke: This business consists of the creation of a karaoke bar-type establishment where people can have fun singing while enjoying delicious drinks.


98. Dance hall: Although there are many nightclubs, there are great opportunities to create dance halls aimed at specific niche customer segments, such as the elderly or people with particular musical tastes. The options are many.


99. Camping areas: Adventure tourism is becoming more and more popular, which is why the demand for safe spaces for camping has increased. The idea is to offer customers outdoor spaces with access to services such as showers and toilets.


100. Leisure Centers/Rooms: This business consists of creating spaces where people can go in their leisure time and be entertained or enjoy a good coffee. A seating area can be included for those who want to take a nap.


101.Luxury tourism: There is a large market for luxury services, especially in the tourism industry. Here the key is to create memorable experiences of great value for people with high purchasing power. Business proposals such as glamping, private tours, jet travel, etc. have emerged in this area.


102.Rental of rural houses: In recent years, rural tourism has been revitalized because people seek an escape from the noise and pollution of large cities. The idea is to offer spaces where people can vacation or telecommute in quiet places full of nature.


103.Health, relaxation, and spa services: There is a large market made up of people who demand services such as massages (relaxing and therapeutic), relaxing baths, facial cleansing, etc. If you have the knowledge and experience in this sector, here is a very profitable opportunity.


Business Ideas to undertake on the Internet

104. Create your own blog: Writing a blog is an interesting way to start a business on the Internet, but you will need a lot of patience, perseverance, and dedication to make a living from your blog. The key to this business is to create useful, attractive, fun, and original content that is capable of attracting large audiences.


105. Sell ​​your own ebook: If you love to write, but don’t want to commit to creating and managing a blog, then building and marketing an ebook is a great alternative for you.


106. Sale of Digital Infoproducts: Infoproducts, as their name indicates, are products based on information and knowledge. These are some of the types of digital info products that you can create: eBooks, online courses, memberships to platforms with tools and information, Templates, Plugins, audiobooks, videos, software, and applications.


107. Offer your professional services as a freelance: In this business, you are the brand and the product, that is, here the objective is to use digital tools to sell our professional services. If you are very good at what you do, rest assured that someone will be willing to pay for your services. This business model is executed by consultants, couches, lecturers, designers, programmers, and those professionals who provide services independently.


108.Market affiliate products: In case you do not want to create your own product, an interesting alternative is affiliate marketing, which consists of earning money by promoting other people’s products. You can promote from courses and books to software licenses.


109. Create your own video channel on YouTube: YouTube is currently the second most used search engine on the Internet, only surpassed by Google, which means that there is an important trend in the consumption of online videos and you can be part of this great industry. Being a Youtuber is not child’s play, although in many cases it may seem so. The reality is that it is a business like any other in which, with dedication, effort, investment, and a lot of creativity, you can make a living from your videos.


110. Launch your own application: When we talk about applications, these can be web, mobile, or desktop, depending on the environment for which you decide to develop them. In any of the 3 cases, the application industry represents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs.


111.Digital strategy and social media management: If you are passionate about digital strategy and have acquired knowledge and experience about the different platforms and tools for online marketing, you can offer the management service of social media and digital channels for companies and independent professionals. The idea is that you are outsourcing for your clients, in charge of generating the content, managing advertising campaigns, interacting with clients, and generating the corresponding performance reports.


112.Digital Magazine: If you feel passionate about a specific topic, you can encourage yourself to create your own digital magazine. Earnings are obtained in 2 ways: sale of advertising within the magazine or fee for the magazine subscription. For this business model, you will need an email marketing platform to periodically send the magazine to your subscribers. You may also want to create a website to promote the magazine and capture subscribers.


113.Online Consulting: If you have knowledge and experience in a specific area, you can offer your services as an advisor and consultant. You must establish a price per hour (or per fraction of time) for your services. You can also create plans and packages with discounts for those clients who require several hours of your services.


Ideas to Start Businesses with a Future

114.Development of tools based on artificial intelligence: There are more and more advances in the development of artificial intelligence, so in the coming years we will see the emergence of all kinds of startups dedicated to developing tools that take advantage of their potential to automate and optimize different processes.


115.Creation of virtual reality tools: Virtual reality allows us to immerse ourselves in environments created using computer technology. Access to these environments is achieved through devices such as virtual reality glasses or helmets, although special gloves and suits have also been created that allow greater interaction with the virtual environment. Although this technology has already been successfully implemented in the field of entertainment and video games, its use has spread to many other fields, such as medicine, archaeology, military training, and flight simulations.


116.Renewable Energies: Just a few years ago, renewable energies seemed to be a distant future, but today they are a necessary reality to reduce the impact that human beings have caused with the excessive use of energy from fossil fuels.


117.Internet of Things: Thanks to the Internet of Things, we can turn (almost) any object into a smart object, opening the way to a world of possibilities for the creation of wearables and devices that aim to improve our quality of life. Some examples of these devices are smartwatches, home assistants, smart glasses, etc.


118.Creation of Fintech platforms: Through Fintech tools, companies dedicated to offering financial services create new products and manage to optimize their costs and processes, allowing them to reach more people effectively and innovatively.


119.Development of tools based on Blockchain: Blockchain technology has been a revolution by allowing decentralization and elimination of intermediaries in different business models. This technology is what supports Bitcoin, but its implementation has spread to other industries.


120.Creation of platforms for the management of Big Data: The concept of Big Data refers to data sets that, due to their size (volume), complexity (variability), and growth rate (speed), are difficult to capture, manage, process, or analyze. Therefore, the challenge in this industry is precise developing tools that allow capturing, managing, processing, or analyzing Big Data, to transform that gigantic amount of data into useful information. Thanks to Big Data tools, organizations can better understand their customers and their industry, identify new business opportunities, make better decisions, and optimize their performance.


121.Nanotechnology: Nanotechnology, which refers to the manipulation of matter at the nanometric scale, represents one of the most promising developments in the history of science, since through it environmental, energy, and health problems can be addressed.


122.Autonomous Vehicles: It is still a developing technology, but the advances are promising and represent the dawn of a new era in the automotive industry. In addition, the doors are opened to business models related to the insurance and maintenance of autonomous vehicles.


123.Space exploration: The conquest of space is another of the great challenges for humanity. It is an exciting industry and full of challenges to overcome. We will surely see fascinating things in it for decades to come. Some examples of businesses that have emerged in this sector are food for space, space suits, space tourism, space mining, etc.


How to create your company

It is one thing to have an idea or a business plan, and quite another to have a company. The process of turning an idea into a business is challenging and demands courage, focus, strategy, and determination. We explain step by step how to create your company by applying the principles and tools of the Lean Startup methodology.


Which of these business ideas have you found most interesting? What other industry do you consider important to take into account to undertake in the coming years? Remember to leave your comments and contributions. Also, it would be interesting for you to share with us some of your expectations and purposes for this year.


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