3 tips to open your mind and heart to change

3 tips to open your mind and heart to change

In these months of accelerated changes, we all cling to routines to bring some order to our lives and to gain productivity. In the face of a more uncertain future, that things remain the same gives us a certain sense of tranquility. We already feel overwhelmed enough with the news or with the typical day-to-day developments in the operation of a business.

But to survive, we have to adapt. Clinging to the past or the current state of things is an illusion, because as Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, said, “the only thing that remains is change.” And if we have learned anything this year, it is that something as small as a virus can transform our reality from one day to the next. And that we need to get out of our comfort zone and adapt.

This, in the end, means growing. We grow when we learn new technological skills, which make us better entrepreneurs. When we work to improve the relationship with our adolescent children. Or when we start to take care of our diet because we are over forty years old. But none of this is possible if, first, we do not accept the possibility of transforming ourselves.

Are you open to change? It is not an easy process, it is true. Especially when we are adults, and over the years we develop more conservative and defensive attitudes. For this reason, in these times when nothing seems certain, we recommend that you follow these tips to open your mind and heart to what the future can bring you.

1. Reaffirm your values

Change does not mean giving up who you are, what makes you unique, and what you appreciate most in life. On the contrary, adapting to new scenarios implies planting oneself in one’s own essence. It is like a tree that, in the face of a strong storm, moves its branches and loses many leaves, but remains rooted in the ground. So the first step is to recognize and reaffirm, for example, our dedication to work or family, and in characteristics such as creativity, the ability to communicate, or leadership.

2. Be patient with yourself

People with self-esteem, who accept their defects and are also capable of valuing their virtues or achievements, have a greater capacity for resilience and openness to the new. On the other hand, those who only focus on their mistakes, or who feel permanently behind others, have more rigid personalities and are uncomfortable and irritable in the face of any transformation in their personal lives or their work environment. This is a profile that usually causes problems when it comes to the owner of a business or the person in charge of an area of ​​the company that needs to quickly adapt to a new scenario (such as sales or marketing).

3. Try new things

Opening your mind and your heart to change is not something that you will achieve by just manifesting that desire, but rather you need to put it into practice. What can you do? That will depend on your personality and your habits. For example, if you are a very rational person and you work with numbers, you could take singing, dancing, or painting classesIf you are very sociable and need to be around people all the time, you could start an introspective practice, such as meditation or reading.

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As the experts explain, the key to adapting and growing is to challenge yourself all the time. And in receiving with open arms the new opportunities that life gives us.

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