Xtra-PC: A clever new device that can make your computer like new in 10 seconds

Xtra-PC: A clever new device that can make your computer like new in 10 seconds

Computer companies hate this product that makes your computer like new in 10 seconds

This clever new device can save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars, which doesn’t make the big computer companies happy!

There is only one first place in a product test, and it quickly became clear which product from which company was the winner.

This product is quite expensive for computer shops and PC repairs. We spoke to a local store representative and he said, sadly shaking his head that if this product continues to be sold his store will lose millions and will have to close next year. At the same time, he admitted that this product can save consumers a lot of money.

So instead of buying a new laptop or computer, you should take a look at this new device that has recently been launched. It gives your old, slow computers a complete makeover. And best of all… it’s extremely affordable!

The product we are talking about is a somewhat unusual product called “Xtra-PC”. This device is used to completely upgrade your PC or Mac for €31.12. Xtra-PC is a tiny, powerful USB stick that plugs into your computer’s USB port, and within seconds, your old, slow operating system (Windows or Mac) will be bypassed and replaced with a full-featured Linux operating system that works super fast and is easy to use!

How exactly does it work?

Very easily! You don’t need any technical knowledge! What you need to do:

  • Step 1: Plug in – Simply plug Xtra-PC into a USB port while the computer is off.
  • Step 2: Turn on your computer – just select “Boot from USB” and bingo and you’re good to go.
  • Step 3: Enjoy your new computer – In less than 5 minutes, you’ll be amazed at the difference in the performance of your computer.
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You only have to set up Xtra-PC once and you can even use it on multiple computers!

With Xtra-PC you can do all the things you normally do… surf the internet, check your email, watch videos (including Netflix), play games, and Facebook…

There was even a test to see how Xtra-PC would compare to other products on the market. At the beginning of the test, the company gave each tester a USB stick and an old laptop so that they could see the product for themselves. New laptops and similar devices were also distributed just to see how Xtra-PC would hold up in comparison. The results were amazing.

Xtra-pc leaves the competition far away

The first tester was delighted with the invention and immediately connected it to the laptop in the room:

“You just have to plug the USB stick into the laptop. I tested it without the stick and it took forever for the computer to boot up. It took a few hours before the browser opened before I could surf Facebook, but seriously, 10 seconds after I plugged in the USB stick, I was already surfing the web like I suddenly had a brand new laptop in front of me , which is incredible. So I think Xtra-PC’s invention is groundbreaking and it’s the best product we’re testing.”

All the other testers were also impressed with how easy and effective Xtra-PC is – that’s what makes a great product. It could even speed up brand-new branded computers, and that’s exactly why it’s disrupting the computer industry!

Surprisingly, Xtra-PC even works on computers without a hard drive. You hear right! It doesn’t matter whether it’s defective, damaged, or missing – with Xtra-PC your computer will run like new even without a hard disk!

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“Why would I ever spend thousands of dollars on a new laptop again when I can just buy Xtra-PC,” proclaimed the second tester.

Before the testers had a chance to cast their final vote, they were again interrupted by the first tester who said with a smile on his face, “I’ve been using the USB stick for 10 minutes now and can’t believe what Xtra-PC is doing. And all this for just over 30 euros. Incredible.”

All testers wanted to buy it

However, these two were not the only ones who were convinced by Xtra-PC. All 5 testers wanted to buy the product immediately, and it quickly turned into a real auction among the testers. They wanted the Xtra-PC even though it’s not on sale yet and they should try it – not buy it!

The first tester said, “I don’t want to wait until it’s available in stores! If I can buy this now, I’ll save money even if I pay five times what I would pay in stores!”

First, a tester offered to buy the Xtra-PC prototype for double the price it was selling to save money. The third tester said, “Wait a minute, I’ll pay three times as much!” After a heated argument, the testers were allowed to buy prototypes for €360. That’s more than 10 times what Xtra-PC is currently offering thanks to a limited special being sold!

We have also decided to Xtra-PC to test to see how good the stick is. For just over €31.12 per stick, we easily bought 5 USB sticks from the manufacturer’s official website. The delivery took a little longer than usual, probably because of the high demand. But after 4 days our package arrived. We distributed the sticks in the office and questioned our colleagues in several phases.

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Xtra-PC: A clever new device that can make your computer like new in 10 seconds

 This device saved us a lot of money!

The results of our test

During the company’s official test, the testers were enthusiastic after just a few minutes. Our colleagues confirmed that the operation is that simple. Just plug in and get started.

One of our colleagues said: “My 9-year-old daughter wanted her own computer, but I certainly wouldn’t pay 600 euros for a new computer. I had an old Toshiba laptop from ten years ago. With the USB stick it was like new again and now my daughter has a computer.”

So what sounds too good to be true may well be the reality. That’s just one reason why Xtra-PC is now worldwide like crazy bought.

Try Xtra-pc now

Currently, you can purchase Xtra-PC at a special introductory price.

However, due to high demand, sales may soon be temporarily halted as the company struggles to keep up with production

More than 100,000 customers trust Xtra-PC!

  • It saves money – don’t spend money on a new computer!
  • It works on any Mac or PC – if your computer has a USB drive, you can use Xtra-PC!
  • It’s easy to use and up and running in minutes – just plug it in, and no special technical knowledge is required!

Tip: Xtra-PC is a great gift that saves the recipient a lot of money.


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