ChatGPT for E-commerce: A complete guide to Getting the Most out of it

ChatGPT for E-commerce: A complete guide to Getting the Most out of it

The artificial intelligence revolution has come into our lives and has completely transformed the Internet and digital marketing landscape! And that has only just begun…


As professionals, it is essential to keep up to date on the most advanced tools for our businesses and learn how to integrate them effectively into our online strategy.


If you’re reading this, you probably run e-commerce and you’ve heard about ChatGPT, but you don’t know how to use it for your business.


Learning to use artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT can be challenging, but I’m here to help you understand and properly use the.


In this article, I tell you all about ChatGPT. You will discover what it is, how to use it for your online store, and, most importantly, how to get the most out of all its capabilities. In addition, I will present you with concrete examples so that you can easily apply them in your business and improve your content.


Grab yourself a cup of your best drink and let’s get to it!


What is ChatGPT, who created it and how does it work?

It was launched on November 30, 2022 … We have been using the tool for a few months, but we can say that it is already a key trend in e-commerce in 2023.


ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an artificial intelligence-based natural language model that uses machine learning to generate coherent and understandable texts in response to user requests, in just a few seconds.


This means that you can answer questions, generate code, solve operations, create tables, make recommendations, and provide useful information. You can see it as a giant brain that can understand and process human language in all its complexities.


This conversational agent has been created by OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research and development company, founded by the likes of Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and Greg Brockman. Do they ring a bell? Exactly! It’s the same team behind Tesla, SpaceX, Paypal, Stripe, and other groundbreaking companies.


The model is trained on huge amounts of text data to learn patterns and rules of human language. This allows you to understand the context of the questions being asked and provide relevant and useful answers. Furthermore, it is designed to adapt to different contexts and answer complex questions in an intuitive and easy-to-understand way.


When a user asks a question or writes a request, ChatGPT uses their prior knowledge to generate a response. The model can also learn from interactions with users and adjust their responses to improve their quality.


It is important to emphasize that up to now you do not have access to information in real time. Their knowledge was last updated in September 2021. That is, you cannot ask, for example, who won the last Oscar for best actress or what are the trending products this year 2023.


But since March 23, they have released a list of interesting plugins to increase the possibilities of use and access an endless number of external services that you can connect to your store. Among them Klarna Shopping, Zapier, Kayak, and a browser that provides information in real-time. At the moment they have opened a “white list” to be able to sign up.


You are surely wondering how much it costs to be able to use ChatGPT. There is a free plan and paid subscriptionsFree use is limited (although enough to get started) and there are paid plans to access advanced features.


What are the advantages of using ChatGPT in online stores?

I’ve been testing ChatGPT for several months now and the truth is that it’s a revolution in the execution of various tasks, both for me and for my ecommerce clients.

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By automatically generating content, the first thing is that it allows you to save time, effort, and resources. Without a doubt, it allows you to optimize processes and be more productive.


You can ask them to find ideas for you on a topic, to explain it to you, to write a script for the structure of a post or a newsletter, to generate titles for you, to recycle already created content, to translate a text or a do a summary and many more things that I will tell you next. At the level of content creation and improvements, it is a great support and can give you information that you had not thought of.


It helps you to be more persuasive and creative in less time and generate texts to sell or connect more with your audience.


But there are more advantages to online stores... You can integrate ChatGPT directly into your website so that it works for you and, for example, improves customer service. You can use it to answer frequently asked questions, provide information about products and services, and solve simple customer problems. And all this instantly. ChatGPT technology, through the API connection, can be integrated with different Chatbots such as Zendesk, Intercom, Chatfuel, and Cliengo among others.



How to start using ChatGPT?

It’s pretty easy. Go to the OpenAi website, click on “Try ChatGPT” and create an account. Or you can directly access the chat by clicking here:


You will see the screen below. Write in the rectangle below and hit the send arrow. All the chats you create are saved on the left.


how to access gpt chat



How do correctly structure your questions?

ChatGPT can help you a lot, but you have to know how to ask so that it doesn’t give you superficial and standardized answers. Likewise, you must be clear about who your ideal client is, their motivations, breaks, and objections when buying, in addition to having a content strategy already defined.


Before going into detail and giving you examples of specific uses for e-commerce, there are certain rules or utilities that we must know when making queries (also called Prompts ) to take advantage of the full potential of ChatGPT and to deliver pertinent and effective results.


The key to using it successfully is to provide detailed and explicit instructions. Here are 7 tips:



1 – Provide context to the query by giving more details

Tell him what business you have, and what you sell. You can tell him to write as an online store, as a publicist, community manager, email marketing expert, SEO expert, copywriter, copywriter, or influencer, for example.


Also, tell them who your target audience is ( who you sell to ) and what the purpose of the query is.


For example: “We are an online store that offers a wide variety of products for parties and events. We offer themed decorations, games and activities for children and adults, tableware such as plates, glasses and napkins, as well as accessories such as balloons, piñatas and costumes. We target women, with little time, between the ages of 30 and 45 who want to organize fun and memorable parties to surprise their loved ones, regardless of the occasion. Our goal is to provide high-quality, themed and affordable products that allow our customers to easily create unique and personalized parties.”


Or: “You’re a copywriter, sell me a candy bar for a soccer-themed children’s birthday party.”



2 – Use the appropriate action verbs

For example, tell him: to write, summarize, create, classify, translate, develop further, enumerate, reformulate, define, compare, recommend, explain, invent, rewrite, describe, give me, add, search, find, etc.



3 – Indicates the tone or style to avoid monotony

Original, inspiring, fun, youthful, friendly, educational, committed, formal, informal, relaxed, commercial, attractive, interactive, etc.


Write using humor, empathy, like a fairy tale, or a sci-fi movie, play on words, compare, etc.


You can also say to write as a person or a brand: Apple, Nike, etc.


You can also give him an example of your text so that he can take your style and voice and write another text based on your style.



4 – Request the format of the query you need

Examples: “I want a title for a blog post”, “write a text for a newsletter”, “develop a script for an Instagram carousel”, “write a text for a product sheet”, etc.


5 – You can limit the length of the text or indicate several answers

” 7 ideas for catchy titles for a newsletter”, “a 700-word blog post”, “a 3-line description”, etc.


6 – Ask for a content structure

Example: “Write an 800 word blog post for my online store that sells electric bikes with an introduction, a conclusion, and 4 subsections. The theme is: Why choose an electric bicycle instead of a traditional bicycle? Within the text, it also answers the following questions: What is the autonomy of an electric bicycle? How long does it take to charge an electric bike battery? What kind of battery is best for an electric bike? What is the average price of an electric bike?”

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7 – Improve answers by asking for more details at some point

“For each of the tips you have written to me, give me an illustrative example that is easily understandable for anyone”


“Rewrite the third paragraph insisting on the idea of….”


“Rephrase this sentence:…”


“Make the text more attractive and use emojis.”


“Write with other words saying the same thing”


“Give me a summary to sell in 40 words”


“From the previous concrete information, develop, add, explain more, summarize, give concrete examples…”


You can combine all these elements and see what results you get.


You must review the information that ChatGPT returns to make sure it is true and even edit it.


I also recommend that you use a conversation for a theme. Do not mix different things in the same chat.



How ChatGPT can help you improve the content of your online store?

You can use the tool to, for example:

  • Get suggestions for product names or collections.
  • Write and optimize product sheets.
  • Improve a product sheet with a more emotional copy.
  • Discover or generate frequently asked questions about the products you sell or a specific theme.
  • Better research your ideal client.
  • Suggest product categories for your online store.
  • Find competitors.


You could use this prompt for product sheets: “We are an online store that sells [what you sell] and we want to write a product sheet as complete as possible for [the product you want]. This tab must be sales-oriented and include the benefits of buying this product, the product’s characteristics and frequently asked questions to position in SEO. The text must be maximum [number of words]”.



It can be improved by expanding the question, but it’s a good start. How about? It’s fun, right?


And what can you do for your blog?

Sometimes it is difficult for us to create articles for our blog and ChatGPT can be of great help to avoid the blank page problem. Could you:

  • Generate content ideas for blog posts.
  • Generate headlines.
  • Create the structure, the script, or the index of the post.
  • Ask for an introduction and conclusion.
  • Create the full text for the post.
  • Recycle an already created post. An option that I love…


What do you think of this prompt to start testing and generating ideas for some posts? “I want you to write like a content marketer and give me [number] ideas for some blog posts I can create for an online store of [what you sell].”


GPT Chat can also improve your social media presence

The creation of content on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or another social network becomes easier.



  • Generate content ideas and complete content from an idea, theme, product, etc.
  • Find catchy titles for your posts.
  • Create content for Instagram or another social network from your content: a product sheet, a blog post, or a newsletter. Ask him to summarize it in short sentences for a carousel, for example.
  • Create content from content from another account or business and tell him to write it from another angle or another format.
  • Buscar hashtags.
  • You can also use it to create quizzes or questions for Stories.
  • Search for influencers of a sector or ask which are the most popular accounts of a subject.
  • Write or optimize a bio with emoticons.
  • Write a post for a draw.
  • Writing the script for an X minutes video on YouTube or a Reel on Instagram.
  • Find interesting world days for your sector.
  • Create an editorial calendar
  • Give you ideas of “lifstyle” images


Let’s try the following prompt to generate a post in the Instagram feed!

“I am an online store that sells [what you sell]. My ideal client is [add details]. Write a post for the Instagram feed that explains why they have to buy [your product]. Write like a copywriter and make it [content pitch]. Includes emojis and hashtags. End the text with a CTA to invite you to contact if you want more information.”



As you can see sometimes some tinkering is necessary. You would have to say that I write about you and not you. You just have to continue in the same chat and add the necessary questions to refine.


How can Chat GPT improve the effectiveness of email marketing in your online store?

Email marketing is usually the great forgotten of e-commerce, but it is one of the channels that converts the best. And, of course, ChatGPT can help you in several ways to create more relevant newsletters for your subscriber list.

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For example, you can:

  • Generate content ideas for your newsletters.
  • Find better subjects for your newsletters. Make them more eye-catching and attractive to increase your open rate.
  • Create newsletters from scratch or from an idea, theme or already created content (recycling a post from your blog or a product sheet, for example).
  • Create a newsletter focused on a type of campaign: for example for Mother’s Day. You can change the target…
  • Create email templates for support or customer service.
  • Look for better CTAs (calls to action) to increase the click rate.


Let’s try it with the following:

From the description of this product [enter the URL or paste the description], generate a summary text with an informal, fun, relaxed, and non-technical tone that explains how to use the product for [type of event, moment, occasion]. I want a persuasive copy that encourages purchases with a maximum of [number of words] and with short sentences.



How can Chat GPT be integrated into an SEO strategy for an online store?

Here we also have a list of questions that we can ask you to improve our positioning in Google results:

  • Search for relevant keywords.
  • Write titles and meta descriptions from an idea or a product sheet.
  • Write alt tags.
  • Add <H2> and <H3> tags to a text.
  • Add keywords to a text.
  • Create an optimized sitemap for your online store.
  • Find anchor text ideas for your backlinks.


Let’s try keyword research with this prompt: “Give me keyword ideas to sell [paste the product description or what it is], classify them in a table into informational, transactional and commercial.”


And it also explains what the different keywords are… I like it


Transform your ads with the help of ChatGPT

You can also use it to improve your campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, Tik Tok, Lindekin, Youtube, etc., and create more effective ads, looking for:

  • Best titles.
  • New campaign ideas.
  • The content of the ad.
  • Keywords (be careful, it is difficult to find search volumes since they will not be updated, remember that at the moment ChatGPT gives information until 2021).
  • Best audiences or audiences.
  • Competitors for your ads.
  • Slogans, claims, hooks, and CTAs for campaigns and ads.


This is one of the prompts that we can try to create an ad that we could use for Instagram :

I have an online store [indicate what you sell]. You are a publicist, we sell a candy bar kit for communions. The target audience is people who [insert desire, problem, or need]. Include a catchphrase at the beginning and end with a question. The text should be [volume or style].



It can be polished a bit more by telling the tool to replace a word we don’t like or give it another approach.



3 Chrome extensions that you cannot stop using

ChatGPT for Google: From the extensions, if you click on the icon it opens the ChatGPT window, but also if you do a Google search, it will show on the side the ChatGPT response along with the Google search results.


ChatGPT writer – to suggest words and phrases as you type on any website. Its goal is to help users type faster and more effectively. The accuracy and quality of the generated text may vary depending on the context and topic.


AIPRM for ChatGPT: this plugin has already created predefined prompts that will appear directly in ChatGPT. It makes your job quite easy.


In conclusion, the world of online marketing and e-commerce is constantly evolving and it is important to be up to date with the latest technologies to offer your customers the best possible experience.


As you have seen, ChatGPT is an innovative and exciting tool that can help you with your online store, but it is always important to start with the basics, has a well-developed marketing strategy, and then use the tool to help you be more productive and creativewithout losing your style and your voice.


We don’t have to forget that this new AI is a robot and can make mistakes or not be entirely accurate depending on how you ask. It is your responsibility to check and improve the information before publishing it.


In this article, I’ve shown you how to get started with ChatGPT, how to properly structure your questions, and how to get the most out of it for your online store. In addition, we have explored how ChatGPT can improve your content, your social networks, your email marketing, your SEO, and your ads. Now it’s your turn to try it if you haven’t already!


What did you think of everything I told you?


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