What are General Objectives? (What their importance)

What are General Objectives? (What their importance)

An investigation, project, or company does not arise like this, nothing more than nothing, they merit a series of studies, knowledge, concerns, among other variants, but it is essential here to show that they respond to problems or needs in society, so it is important to know the cause for which it is carried out.


The general objectives are nothing more than the achievements to be achieved through work, they are set as goals before starting, which allows directing research, work, actions towards their achievement and also allows measuring the results obtained.

What are the general objectives?

In general, a single general objective is proposed, although this does not constitute a rule, and more than one may be considered. It is understood that it is the purpose that you want to achieve, it clearly and realistically sets out the scope and derivations that you want to obtain in an investigation, an undertaking, in a company, etc.


They must be clear, concise, realistic, and aimed at achievements, but not at processes or activities. They are drawn by addressing with infinitives such as find, define, register, etc. And taking into account the type of understanding that you want to obtain, be it exploratory, descriptive, explanatory, etc.


Just as the specific objectives answer questions such as What to do? What am I looking for? Where do I intend to go ? which set the scope of the study or project.

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Every general objective states a vast achievement and is stated as the general purpose of the investigation, directly related to the title of the investigation.



Characteristics of the general objectives

  • The general objective of an investigation arises from the needs found in the information gathering.
  • Are the purposes or goals
  • They must be clear and concise, there can be no confusion in the purpose of what you want to achieve, otherwise where the actions would be directed, the work would be adrift.
  • They must be achievable, in a sensible way we should never pretend to fly higher than our capacities. Although it is true that with work and effort everything is achieved, you should not abuse it because you run the risk of frustration and failure.
  • They must be universal and hooked on different specific goals.
  • They must be flexible so that they can be modified if the situation requires it.
  • They must be measurable both in time and in achievement to determine compliance.
  • They must be COHERENT, so that they do not contradict each other and that they serve the organization.


When setting the objectives of an investigation, it should be taken into account that they define a future situation, indicate the central long-term purpose, and can be adjusted during the diagnostic process.


They must be defined in such a way that they admit only one interpretation that corresponds and facilitates the structuring of the investigation and can be separated for analysis.


The general objective of an investigation specifies the purpose of the same, in terms of its expectations and purposes within the feasibility intentions, allowing to maintain a constant reference in the work to be executed.

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When talking about the general objectives of a company, it is necessary to know the type of business and its characteristics, and its operations. What does the company do? What do you want to achieve? They must be defined in such a way that they constitute a challenge for the work team and all the people involved.

General objectives of a company

Every organization has a mission and vision, which constitute its global goals, however, it is essential to define general objectives that reflect that vision and even more important that they are shared with employees.


The review of these allows to evaluate and verify the actions, the productivity, and the effectiveness and efficiency of the team.

Importance of general objectives in a company

  • The importance of these objectives, in addition to being based on the fact that they are the purpose of the organization, is that they help to define more specific objectives for the different areas, which will allow decentralization of activities and authority, promoting the participation of all personnel. In addition to allowing a closer follow-up, which facilitates the capture of problems and their resolution.
  • It is one of the bases to achieve total quality and establish continuous improvements.
  • It ensures that efforts are directed towards a common goal. The people who make up the work team must know what general objective they are pursuing, otherwise, each department or area could work only according to its own benefit, subtracting efforts and support from the final objective of the organization.
  • They must be descended into specific objectives that admit a prior action plan and a posterior measurement of progress.
  • They are a guide for the allocation of the budget between the different areas and initiatives.
  • If a company lacks overall objectives, it is difficult for it to start without a direction or course of action.
  • They must be challenging but doable, as well as concrete and measurable.
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How to design specific business objectives?

  • Know and be clear about the mission and vision of the company.
  • Identify the objectives among the four essential groups and establish those that are necessary:

– General objectives aimed at management.

– General objectives that facilitate planning.

– Useful general objectives to motivate employees.

– General objectives aimed at evaluating planning and control.


It seems hard to believe, but many companies have no set overall goals other than the economic goal or bottom line of generating profits. This undoubtedly represents a very general north, establishing objectives is of great help in conducting a business and are the reason for its growth and development.

Some general objectives are the following:

  • Increase production levels.
  • Venture into sales abroad.
  • Increase market share.
  • Improve the profitability of the company.
  • Create a competitive image, making the brand recognized and considered by consumers.
  • Diversify production, generating new products every so often.
  • Survive in a hostile economic context.
  • Carry out market research, which allows measuring consumer tastes and preferences.
  • Maintain a high-quality standard throughout the production line.
  • Involves all staff in productivity, efficiency, and business competitiveness.



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