How To Get A Job In China? 

How To Get A Job In China? 

China is the largest population in the world and is also known as one of the largest economies in the world. When comes China’s economy, it’s growing every year. It also leads to the creation of many job offers for new graduates looking for work.

How to get a job in China?

If you go to China to get a job for yourself, it is a bonus if you know the Chinese language. But if you are looking for English-speaking jobs, you can guide your trip to some major Chinese cities. These cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other cities.

The majority of these jobs come from foreign investment firms. Some Chinese companies also offer a job, but the job seeker must know Mandarin.

Major industries in China include:

  • chemicals
  • consumer products
  • food processing
  • machine built
  • mining
  • technology
  • textiles
  • transport.

You can search for jobs in China at:

  • AsiaXpat
  • ChinaJOB
  • Jobs via China Xpat
  • e-Chinastede
  • Reed – Work in China
  • 51Werk
  • Banking and financial services
  • Engineering
  • Manufacture
  • Sales and marketing
  • Technology

How to get a job in China

  1. Try to get a job before you arrive in China, as this can affect the type of visa you have to apply for.
  2. One of the easiest ways for international candidates to get a job before they make the move is through a secondment from an international company in their home country.
  3. If this is not possible, networking is very important. In China, personal contacts are heavily relied upon during the job hunt, as some vacancies are never formally advertised. In this situation, some knowledge of Mandarin can be advanced far.
  4. Applications in China usually consist of a resume and a short cover letter. If you can speak Mandarin and apply to a Chinese company, it is a good idea to write your application in the language to demonstrate your knowledge.
  5. If your application is successful, you may be subjected to several interviews before discovering whether you have the job.
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Education posts

If you are a teacher and trying to get a job in China, then English teaching opportunities are the most important resources for your job. It is the most popular way for foreign workers to get a livelihood in China. In addition, English education opportunities in China will ensure you a good salary.

China’s industrial sector is growing slowly, which is also increasing employment. There will be many opportunities as this will increase the demand for English skills. There are certain high schools, and universities where you can get a job and also a good salary. Vacancies for such positions sometimes require a language certification such as IELTS or TEFL. There are certain sites where you can look at the vacancies.

You can search for teaching vacancies at:

  • Premier TEFL
  • Learn – China
  • Learn English in China
  • TEFL – China


The practice makes a man perfect, we have all heard of this. The same goes for Chinese businesses as anywhere else. Internships are also an easier way to gain experience before you do work. Internships will also help you gain very demanding work experience. These resources are available for summer internships and positions:

How To Get A Job In China? 


  • AIESEC UK – For students and graduates in recent years. Internships last three to eighteen months.
  • IAESTE UK – For students in science, engineering, technology, and the liberal arts. Placements usually last from eight to twelve weeks.
  • The Intern Group – This is a leading international internship provider. Intern Group offers internship programs in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

What it’s like to work in China

So we will finally discuss the work culture in China. China also adopted a five-day working week like most other countries. The Chinese government has also made certain laws to overcome working conditions. Chinese labor laws have also been introduced so that employees do not have to work under any form of pressure. There are certain local companies with overtime facilities.

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If we are eligible for the holiday, it is somewhat smaller when we compare it with the other countries. Holidays also depend on the length of your job in the organization. The number of paid holidays can vary in some places to five, ten or fifteen days. In addition to these numbers, workers are also entitled to eleven paid public holidays.


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